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First Sales

Can’t believe it. I have had two sales. My shop hasn’t been opened all that long.



Well done, its a great feeling isn’t it!!

Well done SallyAnn - that’s a great start to Christmas! :slight_smile:

Well done SallyAnn, here’s to many more :slight_smile:

Yay well done that’s brilliant :grinning:

Karen x

Well done - I bet you’re really excited! x

Thanks HeidMeier, and Clare

But they are guests, and can’t give me feedback. What is the view on feedback, and new customers? Any help would be appreciated.


Feedback is great because it gives you confidence as a buyer. I found though that the actual first sale was more important to me, as a seller, because it was that first sale that gave me the confidence to carry on. The reviews will come, in the meantime if you get a nice email for feedback, maybe incorporate that within your shop ‘about’ section as an interim.