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Flat pebbles

(helski44) #1

Hi, Can anyone give me details of where I can buy small flat pebbles in UK for crafting? I don’t seem to be having any luck.
Thanks x

(Jan Ryan) #2

Have you tried garden centres or diy places like b&q or homebase, they sometimes sell small amounts for vases etc, they are sometimes called riverstones.

(helski44) #3

I will give them a try. Thank you x

(Roz) #4

I used to make printed pebbles and got mine from B&Q - polished chinese pebbles - not sure how large you need them but these are about 1" I seem to remember.

(helski44) #5

Thanks very much. I shall go and see as I have a B&Q just up the road :slight_smile:

(Pamela West) #6

Anybody know where I can get larger stones 2 - 3 inches across?


(helski44) #7

In Wickes they do bags of small cobble stones. Not too expensive either

(Pamela West) #8

Ooh thanks :slight_smile: