Folksy 365 - Daily Listing and Team Promotion Challenge - March 2023

Hello and welcome to the March 2023 Thread. These are the instructions for joining in:

  • Share your item for the day on this thread. To do this choose your item from your shop, copy the URL at the top of the page, come onto this thread and hit the blue reply button at the very bottom of the page bottom then add some text and paste your link (Items can be a new listing or an existing/re-list, we don’t mind as long as it’s a different item each day)
  • Click on all of the links for everone elses items to take you to their shop and hit the :heart: - this gives the item a brief appearance on the front page - so more chance of getting seen ( this is the main rule for joining in :slight_smile: ) there is a picture of what to do below.
  • You must be prepared to join in regularly throughout the month - missing the odd day is fine and of course joining in for part month is fine also, we understand not everyone can be here every single day, but please do not ‘post and run’ .
  • If you can promote others as well e.g. tweet, re-tweet or pin (this doesn’t have to be everyone on the thread just pick a few a day if you can) or create a #FolksyFriday collage
  • Let me know when you have a Folksy sale, so we can celebrate and happy dance with you.

Sales Tally:

Marjans Art 3
KB Creations 9
Max Pring Jewellery 8
Aquila Crafts 4
Ohhh What a Yarn 1
Carolee Crafts 6
Gweddus Art 12
Crafty Nature 8
Cariad Crafts 8
N Ofkants Curios 11
Glint Beads 7
Deborah Jones Jewellery 5
Jewellery Mori 2
Georgina Crawford Art 4
Sue Trevor 3
Wild Rose Designs 3
Cool for Glass 1
Feel Felt Found 8
Orchard Felts 1
Fifi Foxy 1
Hats & More 3
Pocketful Creations 12
The Precious Hare 1
Silver Birch 2
Lilac Daisy 2
Knot so Neat 5
Christine Jones Printmaker 2
Sunny Crystals 1
Grannys Handknits 1
Rosy Moon 1
Namaste Crafts 2

Total 136


Bore da, Good morning and Happy St. Davids Day Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus :blossom:wishing you all a happy healthy March with lots of sales xx Thanks to Natalie @NOfkantsCurios for last month xx



Morning all and a new month.

Thank you for looking after us last month Natalie @NOfkantsCurios and thank you Max @MaxPringJewellery for taking up the reigns.


Good morning and happy st David’s day! Thank you Max @MaxPringJewellery for being mum for March!

My item for today an obsidian point.

Natalie x


March already, how time flies.

An ACEO here, already loved a bit, however could use some more please.

2108-4 deer aceo correct,


Happy March everyone!

Just restocked grey heart bookmark.


White rabbits, good morning and happy 1st March.

Love the little deer aceo Marjan @Marjansart

I am hoping to return to the fold this month, hopefully with some new makes. Will have to see how long the good intensions last. I have got 3 rooms still to decorate but trying to take a break. Spent a hectic weekend in London which was fun but exhausting.

Starting the month with a relist I’m afraid - might be relists in order for a few days while I get back in the swing of things.



Good morning all and happy St Davids day and 1st of March :slight_smile: Just a relist today but I am hoping to get some new listings done today :slight_smile:
Thank you Natalie @NOfkantsCurios for looking after us last month and to Max @MaxPringJewellery for looking after us in March :slight_smile:
Have a lovely day all :slight_smile: xxx

Lilac and white gloves


Good morning all…Happy St David’s Day.
Thank you for taking over again Max @MaxPringJewellery and thank you Natalie @NOfkantsCurios for last month
starting the month with another watercolour painting



Good morning everyone, welcome to Spring! Some copper lovlies from me today.


Morning all!

Thank you for looking after us last month Natalie @NOfkantsCurios and thank you for looking after this month Max @MaxPringJewellery!

Nothing new today, but my freshwater pearls earrings are 33% off now.


Hello everyone. Apologies for not being on the thread for a while but thank you soooooo much for all the well wishes I have received. They have helped enormously. I am still off work but am now working with various agencies to try and get myself better. Needless to say work has not changed one bit from what I am told so when they say they only have my best interests at heart I have to disbelieve them. I have been spending most of my days doing jigsaws as they seem to be the only thing that will keep my occupied. I am also doing the couch to 5k again as it makes me go out when I don’t really want to. Today though I am giving my crafting another go so hopefully I will get something made and posted on here. Thank you again to everyone who sent well wishes as you don’t know how much they did in lifting my negative thoughts xxxx


Hello everyone! Wishing you all a very good March, and thank you Max @MaxPringJewellery for this month’s housekeeping!
I am new to this thread, but I visit the forum every day, so I thought I’d give it go!

My listing for today is the wooden keyring, perfect for mother’s day, and on sale until Friday 3/3!


Hi everyone I have a re-list today a daffodil on a blue background in the form of a hand painted card


Morning all, I only realised it was March when my bill came in.
Hoping joining back in will help bring my mojo back.
Silver nugget hoops


Happy to report ONE sale!!


Hi, I’d like to share my Tree Reflected in Water photo.


Hi everyone. Didn’t mean to be away so long but had a nasty virus before xmas which resulted in a huge stye that would not heal and got me feeling really low. Haven’t been able to make many new items so hoping by joining in again it will give me the incentive to start again.



Sorry to hear that. I really hope you’re on the mend!