Folksy 365 - Jubilee June 2022 Team Daily Listing and Promotion Thread Challenge

Pinch and a punch for the first of the month.
Firstly thank you for looking after us and dancing so beautifully Max @MaxPringJewellery and to you for picking up the ruby red dancing shoes for this month Natalie @NOfkantsCurios, don’t forget to warm up before you do the dancing.
June already but where is the warm weather?
I can’t believe that today marks the 30th anniversary of my Dad’s passing I still miss him and the friendly disagreements we used to have.
Welcome to the thread Karen @karewatt and Ailie @AntlerWearables you don’t have to be mad to list here but is does help. Ha Ha
Today I have a lampwork bead bracelet


Hi everyone. I’m in for another month. Here’s my choice of the day


Hello everyone. Sorry for disappearing. We lost my FIL at the end of March and well, just haven’t really been able to focus on the business. Anyway, I’m back and will be liking away. And listing too lol

I hope everyone is good, and happy birthday to anyone I missed and well, its nice to be back.

Here’s mine for today:
White porcelain bud vase


Sorry for your loss Clara. Lovely to see you back with us x


Good Morning Happy June !

Welcome back @ClaraCastner . Thank you @MaxPringJewellery for looking after us for May and Natalie @NOfkantsCurios for this month . Lovely amber necklace @TheBeadHare

Here’s my offering for the day. Micro macramé beaded pendant in pretty pinks and greens


Sorry to hear your sad news Clara @ClaraCastner - sending you lots of love xx

Thanks for running the thread this month Natalie @NOfkantsCurios and thanks Max for running it last month - enjoy your lunch x

Got rudely awoken by Mr Dp’s dad at 5.30 this morning - he needed the toilet! They’ve sent him home from hospital with carers 4 times a day but he’s still not really that mobile and needs help to the toilet when they are not there. He’s got wee bottles for emergencies but if it’s a no 2, someone has to go and help him! Honestly, Mr DP is backwards and forwards about 3 times a day and it;s a 14 mile round trip! Between that and having to pick my Mum up and take her home twice a day we are getting through petrol at a rate of knots! So expensive!

My listing today is:


Hello everyone! Thanks for the opportunity to take part in this. Mine is a new-ish shop with no sales and I’m getting used to Folksy so I hope I do this right. Looking forward to looking at all of your items!

Mine is a rabbit linocut print inspired by blue and white Staffordshire china.

Hannah x


Hi and welcome to the thread Hannah @wrbcco - beautiful work x
If you read the instructions at the top of the thread, we like your work and you like ours in the aim of getting our work seen on the front page of Folksy or promoted on social media outlets.
It’s very easy and you’ll get used to it in no time :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! I have just been liking everyone’s lovely listings so I think I’ve got the hang of it now! :relaxed:


Love your bunny Hannah x


Condolences Clara. It’s such a hard time to have to go through. Hugs to you and the family.
Your vase is gorgeous. Take care, Katie


Well, my favourite piece in my shop is a celebration one which surely must be just perfect for this weekend’s celebration. Cocktails all round everyone.


I can’t access my folksy shop at the moment. It says it’s under heavy load. I don’t believe that!
I’ve started the month minus 1 as someones item seems to have got lost in the post.
@OswestryJewels feeling for you today, my mum died 32 years ago tomorrow. It’s so sad she missed her grandchildren being born and growing up.
Sorry for your loss Clara @ClaraCastner
Goodness me Sarah @dotterypottery you and Mr Dp really have your hands full at the moment. And congratulations on getting your accounts done. I’m still working away on mine. How did you finish then so quickly?
I’ll be back later if I can get onto the site!


Good morning . Happy Jubilee June
Another month and I am unable to join you all again.
Update on my husband.
Hes still in hospital and on top of the pneumonia he now has TB.
All the family has to be screened so hopefully he hasn’t passed it on.


3 sales for me please Natalie. @NOfkantsCurios …( total 3 )


Good morning
I had good intentions to get on here early but have the same problems as Sue with not being able to get on the site to love everyone’s work.
Sorry to hear about your husband Valerie, I hope he begins to recover soon.


Jubilee themed fake ice cream sundae for table decoration.


@OswestryJewels June is a sad month for me also, lost my mum nearly twenty years ago. Time flies. Can’t believe it’s been so long.


I’m back again, seems to be working now

So sorry to hear about your husband Valerie @valerie


Pinch and a punch everyone! Thank you Max and Natalie. XX
I have loved you all to here. I’ll try and get on here over the next few days to love you all and keep up with your news, but I doubt I will be listing as we have a four day craft fair in Goathland. My shop on here will be closed from this evening until Monday.
Finally, after being informed the site was under heavy load several times I have managed a relist: zoo animals for a 2-5 year old