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Folksy Friday 26 August - Summer's End

Happy Friday folks!

Today’s theme for our #folksyfriday if you want to take part on the forum is Summer’s End. We’re thinking new beginnings as children prepare to go back to school, woolies to drape over yourself as the nights draw in, and those last cups of morning tea in the garden.

You can take choose your own theme too - if you’re not sure how to take part this post explains more.

Here’s the official Folksy Friday by MoggShop - we love what Sally has written about her choices

Thinking of the long weekend and hoping for more time in the garden…


Erm did we have a summer? I never really made it out of my sheepskin boots and woolly jumpers. Those who aren’t weird like me might like to stop any chilly draughts round their neck when its cool enough to require a jumper but not cold enough to need a coat.


With A Level/GCSE results in mind and also cute little ones starting school - I have the following cards to show you

I am still gripping onto summer very hard and not ready to let go! :smiley:

However if the evening is getting a little chilly whilst you’re out in the garden with a glass of wine, why not wrap up in this beautiful merino wool summer shawl:


I’ve also created a Pinterest Board for my #folksyfriday this week, celebrating Kent, the county I live in. Thinking Oast houses, hops, the seaside towns of Whitstable and Margate. @Sold @ChasingtheCrayon @artyemily @snapdragons @jostitche you’re all on it!


Help - I’m trying to compile a pinterest board of materials A-Z and I’m stuck on K, N, X and Z. Anyone any thoughts? No one seems to have made anything in zelkova or zinc and my brain has gone totally blank for the other three letters.

N for Nylon? Nickel? Z for zircona? Does this link help at all from X and K?

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Thought I would share my butterfly hopefully will see some more in the garden this weekend. Not sure if we’ll see any like this though lol

I’m thinking ahead to autumn with the lovely colours it brings @A&DCreations

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My summer is very definitely not over yet.
About to sort out my suntops and shorts ready for a September break to the South of France. I will be leaving with the swallows :slight_smile: (who are currently lined up waiting for me on the wires at the front of my house)

My #folksyfriday is therefore entitled "Summer on Folksy’s not over till the fat lady sings (and the swallows have flown south) "
It’s a rather eclectic collection of summer reminders

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I’m done - from alpaca to pink zircon via some nylon daffodils (thanks Liz)


I’ve created a board on the Summer’s end theme but I don’t really do Pinterest and I’ve had all sorts of trouble so I’ll attempt to share it here and keep my fingers crossed that it works!


Just to let you know Helen, it works fine when I click on it :slight_smile:

Thanks Liz. That’s reassuring.

Cuddle up with your loved ones, here’s my love birds embroidery hoop art. Ahhh

Summer’s End, that brings us into Autumn. Here’s my autumn themed hoop art.