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Folksy Friday theme 5 August - Ocean Waves

Happy #folksyfriday everyone! Alexandra from @Arteo has created a “totally rad” Surf’s Up Folksy Friday collection for the Folksy blog. So we’d love you to show us your favourite pieces on Folksy inspired by the ocean waves and share them here.

And please do create your own #folksyfridays on any theme you fancy too - you can choose your own theme and share them on your blog, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. If you tag them #folksyfriday we’ll find them and share them on our social media as well.

PS. Folksy Friday is all about sharing other people’s work and not your own, so please be generous and share the love :revolving_hearts:


So last week I do a board of penguins and the father in law now informs me he is off to the antarctic to see the penguins next year and isn’t taking me! This week a board dedicated to wood - things made of wood, woods to go mentally wandering in and a plastic campfire brooch (fits the theme perfectly in my brain) - so I wonder if that means he’ll be stopping off in the Amazon on his way back from the icey wilderness.

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Love the Surf’s Up theme as I live in Cornwall and Surfing is going to be included in the 2020 Olympics


gregory is a sailor not a surfer but he’s still just as cool. i love this painting by @menagerie


I love this surf-inspired pendant by Heavenly Anarchist.


Just you and me.


Here is my Ocean Waves inspired Pinterest Board

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