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Folksy Friday theme, 7 October - Copper and Turquoise

Bit late with this one today, but it’s well worth the wait because it’s a beauty! It’s made by @JudithLogan and features @TanithRouseJewellery @SilvanaJewellery @SquirrelandTiffin @Beesandblossoms @HeidiMeier and @ClarkJewellery

We’d love you to share your favourite turquoise and copper finds here too - or as usual you can always make your own #folksyfriday theme.


Lovely theme! Spotted these lovely beads - just a dash of turquoise, but beautiful!

Its tempting to plug some of my copper pieces but I won’t instead I found this bracelet

These were a bit different:

And there is this beautiful bowl by @ImogenCharleston

Or what about this by Annie @HeavenlyAnarchist:

And this fabulous running hare by @beastiebrooches:


Only just logged in to see this - sorry! But thank you too @folksycontent! :grinning:

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And edited to say thanks also @JudithLogan - I have popped over to your shop. Lovely artwork and I have liked your lovely chickens and a couple of other bits! :slight_smile:

Hi Heidi, thank you so much for the likes! I am trying to get my new shop up and running. I really love your stuff and will pop over to your shop to give it some favourites also. I’m still trying to figure out how this Folksy Forum thing works!


Thank you @SashaGarrett :slight_smile: