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Folksy Friday theme, 9 September - Dream Wedding

Hi everyone! For today’s #folksyfriday we’re going for a wedding theme. Heidi from Glorious Tiaras has created a gorgeous collection of gifts for bridesmaids for the blog, so we thought we’d ask you all to find special things on Folksy that would make your dream wedding.

Feel free to pick your own themes for your own Folksy Fridays too - we love seeing what you come up with. We’ll share, pin and tweet as many as we can too. Just remember to add the #folksyfriday tag when you share them on social so we can see them.

Here’s Heidi’s #folksyfriday blog post…

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These little mice would be delighted to attend someone’s wedding:

Ps The missing ‘r’ in bride appears in the actual listing, but for some reason is reluctant to make an appearance here!

The OH and I were ‘married’ in an acient nabatean ceremony performed by our tour guide at Petra - not legal, not planned in anyway (we were the only single people to hand for him to do the ceremony on) and no family involved either perfect! Anyway… I’ve been rather busy of late as I have acquired an extension to my allotment plot and I have put together a pinterest board in its honour.

You get one guess as to what I’ll be doing with it once I’ve cleared it.

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Love looking a bridal stuff and this is just beautiful, been a while since I got married and don’t plan on doing it again not at the moment anyway but would have loved one of these.


If I was to get married all over again, I’d be looking at VMJCollins shop. I love their work, and I’d be hard pressed to make a choice. I’d be quaffing my wine from this glass:

Having flowers in this vase:

And have my wedding cake under this:

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Love this

I was looking forward a ‘ketchup’ one … After last week mustard ! ;p

Here is mine for this week.


Thanks so much for including my blackberries toiletry bag on your Folksy Friday board Sasha.


Delighted to see my selection featured! Was a real joy to put together & a reminder how many talented folk we have on Folksy! x

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Time to revive the wedding topics!

Here is my latest bridal offering (although pearls will take you anywhere!). Irresistable keishi pearls hand knotted on silk!

Sam x