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New Shops on Front page

I see that the same three shops who were featured on the front page all of yesterday are still there but others have not been seen .is the carousel broken ?

I have also noticed the featured shop which appears in the top left hand spot now trends for 2 weeks it used to be 1 week. All the featured shops have been beautiful but surely 1 week is long enough. There are hundreds of great shops on here which also need some exposure.


Hi Dawn
That is a whole other issue I know that putting shops on the featured loop is only done once a year as explained to me by folksy content last year and only then if your photos are exceptional, so I gave up on that. My point is that all new shops should have exposure because if they don’t then is this why owners give up after their first 4 months.

Hi Mel,

I see what you mean, are you referring to the new shops at the very bottom of the page? They do need some exposure, they are not very visible at all tucked down at the bottom there.

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Hi Mel!

I think the carousel might be broken. They were changing regularly up until the middle of this week and then something seemed to freeze.

Sam x

There are some really lovely new shops at the moment. One that stands out for me is a shop called AdaAndMe beautiful felted items. I am looking forward to the owner adding more lovely goodies.

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Given other threads on the number of new shops setting up selling prohibited items, I don’t think featuring the newest shops more prominently untill they have been checked out, either by Admin or by those other sellers who keep a weather eye out for things, is necessarily the best thing.

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I understand your point @HelenCliffordArt but the vast majority of new shops have genuinely beautiful handmade items.

Totally agree, @dawnsneesbyjewellery - but there’s one just set up, for instance, which will be there all weekend now and I’d be most upset if it made a sale because its item was displayed in a nice big picture when someone browsed by… Not what we want visitors to think Folksy is all about!

I have just reported a shop featured there as they are not in the UK and they will be there all weekend now.

I don’t think anyone was suggesting they be displayed in nice big pictures.

Sorry, I misunderstood :slight_smile:.
I find the list at the bottom of the front page useful, and I often click the ‘see more’ button to see who’s new. Some delicious looking things there at the moment!!

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