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(Heavenlyfountainslittleextras) #1

I’ve had a email about adding my products to a gift guide. What is this, how do I do it and have others found it useful???
Thank you in advance x

(Sasha Garrett) #2

Folksy put together a number of gift guides with themes - gifts for gardeners, gifts for cooks etc, there is then a link from the homepage to the gift guide so if someone is seeking ideas they can click on the link and browse the gift guide. You can submit your product for consideration for inclusion by finding the appropriate thread on the forum and putting a link to the item there. Folksy are very picky about the quality of photos for the items to get in.
Is it worth it? Well… my items that have been included have certainly had more views but so far of all the items that have been included I have only sold one of them and I have no way of knowing if it was sold because of its inclusion in a gift guide. But since it doesn’t cost anything where’s the harm in getting items in the guides.
Folksy do put together themed wedding guides (spring wedding, retro wedding that sort of thing) so it might be worth looking to see if they have a forum thread about those to get your wedding stuff in.
Hope that helps

(Camilla) #3

You can see all the Gift Guides we are working on and add your suggestions here, Lindsey

(Roz) #4

I’ve also been lucky enough to be featured in some gift guides but as Sasha said there is no way of knowing if items sold as a result but even if it just brings a few people browsing in your shop then it can’t do any harm. Any exposure is good exposure and I have to admit I have used the gift guides myself when trying to get inspiration for a gift. I have found some great shops and now have a list of some great gifts - just waiting for the right occasion for the right person and I’ll know where to go :smile: