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I am thinking about going to the Folksy meet up at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park tomorrow. I just wondered if it was predominantly for people involved in #Folksyhour on Twitter, as I have never participated - I have commitments on Tuesdays? I’m a bit nervous about showing up and being a billy no mates.

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Here is a link to another thread which was posted a while ago - this might be helpful for you
It says you don’t need to have been on #folksyhour.
Go for it - I am sure everyone will be really lovely - enjoy x

Sorry I should have clicked on this to show you I had replied!
My reply is in the thread

Thanks for the link Kate. I didn’t want to show up if it was for an established group of friends. I live about 20 minutes away from the sculpture park so will venture over.

Great I hope it is good fun (And good weather)X

Hi Anna,
Yes, the meet up is for everyone on Folksy. Although I’m often at Folksyhour, I can’t make tomorrow but everyone is so friendly and I’m sure they’ll make you feel really welcome. Have a really lovely time. :slight_smile:


Did you all have a lovely day? Wish I could have been there, but too far from Suffolk! Bet you didn’t stop talking all day!

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We really really did. It was a very small but super lovely group. So nice to be able to chat, and thank you @AnnaKingJewellery for coming along too. I’m sorry I didn’t see this thread beforehand.

We’ve posted lots of pictures in our Instagram Stories. But if you’re not on Instagram here are a few more.

Yes, it was a lovely day. It was nice to meet people with similar interests and just have a chat.

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