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#FolksyHour on Twitter

We’re going to try out a new thing on Twitter called #FolksyHour.

What is it?
The idea is to give you all one specific hour a week when you can tell people on Twitter what you’re making, creating, thinking about, and selling in your Folksy shop.

When is it?
We’re planning to run it on Tuesdays from 8-9pm, and tomorrow (Tues 9 February) is going to be the trial run! If it’s a success then we’ll make it a weekly thing.

How does it work?
We’ll start off a discussion on Twitter introducing #FolksyHour and then you can reply or tweet using the hashtag #FolksyHour. The hashtag means anyone who clicks on that hashtag can see all the conversations and posts under that topic.

Having had a look at other similar hours on Twitter, they can get a bit ‘spammy’, with people just tweeting their products and prices. Our experience is that buyers don’t respond well to that kind of promotion, and they unfollow people who do that too much.

So it would be brilliant if we could make #FolksyHour more interesting – make it the time when buyers and sellers can find out more about you, your work and the making process, and discover handmade products that are exactly what they’re looking for!

To help I’ll ask some questions over the hour that you can reply to. To give you a chance to prepare some tweets or pics, the first conversation will be to introduce yourselves and say what made you start your business, then we’ll talk about what you’ve been making that day, and then what ideas you’ve got for Valentine’s Day. If you’ve made any Pinterest boards with collections from Folksy makers that are on the theme of Valentine’s Day, it would be great to share those too. I’ll also be asking what you would buy your valentine from other shops and why, so if you’ve got a favourite Valentine thing from someone else’s Folksy shop, that would be great.

We’d love as many of you as possible to get involved, so hopefully see you there - tomorrow from 8pm!

And don’t forget to use the hashtag #folksyhour or we won’t be able to see your tweets!

In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions.


I’ll put you in my phone calendar now then hopefully I won’t forget! Looking forward to it.

btw tomorrow, Tuesday, is the 10th

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I will be there! Looking forward to it x

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Looking forward to it. :smile:

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YAY! Will be looking forward to this as I take part in a couple of other twitter hours and I love 'em! Unfortunately I won’t be able to take part for the full hour but I’ll pop in at some point.


Hey this sounds great and I would love to be involved but I’m not on twitter. Could it also happen on Instagram?

Great idea, unfortunately I wont be able to join you as I dont do facebook, twitter or instagram, not enough hours in the day for me to use these.

Il be there, even if it interferes with Eastenders(prays that it wont interfere with Eastenders)

Great idea, interesting to know that peeps dont repsond to pure spamming. I tend to do that, but have tried recently to make it more real, like im an actual person.

Lets hop more people join in for tomorrow evening.

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great - now got to remember to do it!!!

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How exciting…can’t wait. Thanks @Folksycontent

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Wishing you all good luck with it.

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Going to go and see if I can get back into my twitter account as I’ve forgotten my password and been locked out for ages! Hopefully see you all there :smile: xx

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Great idea-count me in! (providing I remember-I know of lots of these “hours” on twitter but sometimes I remember them a bit too late!)

Sam x

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Hi Tina. I think it would be tricky on Instagram, but we do have other hashtags on there you can join in with. There is #studiofolksy where you can share your workspace, and #folksywip where you can show us what you’re currently working on, and then there’s #myfolksy which is where you can show anything you’ve bought from Folksy.


I will defiantly try to catch this! :smiley: I am still fairly new to twitter and getting to grips with trying to find similar people to chat with, so this sounds great!

Argh, blimmin’ missed it as my son was playing up! Hope it was good, and that there will be another one next Tues.

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It was fun. Very happy to retweet lots of crafters links.
Did anybody get any sales or contacts?

Oh, i missed this, will watch for it next week :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not @GrimmExhibition tho, I do have a few more likes on my Facebook page, which is great. I just really want people who genuinely like my page. But, worth doing. But no, no sale. :frowning_woman: How about you?

I did get a sale but it was a repeat customer and nothing to do with last night’s tweeting. Was fun though!