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(Mango Mosaics) #1

Hello Folksy friends… I am really new here…opened last night. Any advice from the pros? I am a full time artist - I’m all about mosaic making… my Fb page is also Mango Mosaics. Love to hear from folks and make frineds along the way. Happy Friday <3 Caroline x

(Liz Lothian ) #2

Hi Caroline, there’s lots of good advice on here which I try my best to follow. Good luck with your new shop. I’m just going to have a look now. Liz.

(Margaret Jackson) #3

Hi Caroline, I love the colours and style of your mosaic cards. I’m a buyer here, not a seller, and I’d be a bit put off by the high postage costs. £5 is a lot to post 4 cards? Maybe you could add in your description why the postage costs so much?

I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful mosaic works.

(Helen McCartney Designs) #4

Hi Caroline : )

Wow what stunning work. I absolutely love your banner. Beautiful.

A few suggestions to start off with is that it would be great if you could fill out your “Meet the maker” bit as I would love to know more about you and your amazing mosaics.

It would also be great if you can gradually add more to your shop ( easier said than done, i know , but maybe a page? ).

Also it’s always great to try and use up the whole 5 photos that you are allowed to put up ( I haven’t always been able to fill up my 5 photos though ).
May i suggest in your first listing that you either put some pics of each individual card, or maybe keep the 2 photos that you have done already and add 1 photo with 2 cards more close up, another photo with the other 2 and 1 final photo of a very close up pic of the pattern on 1 of the cards so we can see the mosaic?

Hope that this makes sense. I’m not sure it does : )

Good luck and i’m really looking forward to seeing more of your amazing work.


(Mango Mosaics) #5

THANK you for your quick response Helen, and taking the time to answer fully. And YES it does make sense… I do have individual pics of each card… but that whole close up of one is a good plan. In the items to sell section, I didn’t know how many to put there as for this listing I want to sell the set of 4… tho I will sell individually as well… should I put 5 sets, for example???

I do have a number of mosaic I want to put in shop (and the other shop…) But want to look at examples of other mosaic artists (some of whom are friends) … will do that later today… after I have a business meeting finalising my website! Its all go, init!!! :O) best C xx

(Mango Mosaics) #6

Thanks Louisa… will investigate why I did that! I will weigh accordingly… C xx

(Mango Mosaics) #7

My listing has already expired! I only put it up last night and I am to pay 15p! I don’t get it!! And where do I pay?

(Margaret Jackson) #8

That doesn’t sound right Caroline, your listing should last for 4 months before you pay again, maybe you could ask Folksy support why you’re being charged again.

(Helen McCartney Designs) #9

I can still see the cards for sale so I don’t know why they say that they are expired. It says that they were listed yesterday the 11th.

As for how many sets to put up to sell, it’s completely up to you and how many that you can stock, get ready to post out.
Personally, I would do separate listings for each individual card as well if I was giving the option to sell them separately
( but I do have a Folksy plus account where I can list as many things as I want ).

I would also put the size of the cards in your existing listing and future ones and definitely check your postage like Margaret ( Louisa15 ) has said as it does seem a bit high…
Make sure that when you have revised your postage that you add a bit to the price to cover your packaging costs if you buy in specific envelopes/packaging to post your cards.

Best of luck.

(Roz) #10

Are you sure its not just telling you that that is the next listing to expire. It will pick up on the oldest listings no matter how long they have to run.

(Liz Dyson) #11

Hi, Caroline, and welcome to Folksy. I love your Goddess cards. I buy all my cards from Folksy and I might buy your set but, as Margaret has said the postage is far too hight at £5. I hope this was just a slip when listing? I’d be interested to see more of your work.
Good luck.

(Mango Mosaics) #12

yep £5 was a mistake… and I have got a clue to figure where do I edit it!!!

(Mango Mosaics) #13

Panic over…found it!

(Liz Dyson) #14

Caroline if you go onto your item page about half way down on the right hand side, underneath the little thumbnail pictures it says “subscribe to shop feed” and “edit this item” - click on the edit and then you can change anything you need to on your listing. I’m glad the £5 was a slip and I would certainly be interested if you listed your cards separately.
Good luck (again) and now you just need to stock your shop. Why not join in with the daily listing thread so that you can keep up with listing and we all pin/love/promote each others work.

(Mango Mosaics) #15

thank you… it’s going to take some research to get the whole thing correct… postage revised as I was thinking of last Etsy prices (but that was to Oz)… Individual card sales is also a way to go… will investigate the Plus account…once I’ve been here 3 months…

(Mango Mosaics) #16

Thanks Liz… I intend listing a few mosaic item this week… where’s the Daily Listing Thread? I’ll search for it…

(Liz Dyson) #17

Caroline, the daily listers are here…January Garnets Daily Listing Challenge Thread!