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Leaving Folksy booooohoo :(

(Nobias Art) #1

Not fishing for compliments, nor begging for a purchase, just is time for me to decide what to do. My listings are just about to expire after 4 month, spent ages networking, re took all my photos, put the new 15 tag in each listing also promoted where I can, on my facebook page, website, Pinterest but nothing happening. Only 1 sale after all that work. I know unfortunately many of us is in the same boat, I know, but maybe Folksy is not for me and my creations?
This post is probably a good bye shout for everyone:)

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

How long have you been on folksy I’ve never seen your shop before?

Tags have only been active for the past couple of weeks and you’re only using 5 of the 15. Are your tags the words people would put into the search to find one of your items?

Sorry it’s not working for you and all the best

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #3

4 months isn’t very long to decide if your business is working or not. Your items are lovely, but you have 13 listings, the majority of which are jewellery, on a site where there are thousands of jewellery items. It’s also the slowest time of year at the moment.

If you seriously want to do this as a business, whether full time or part time, then you need to give your shop longer to become established, and list more items to give people more choice. If you had a market stall 13 items wouldn’t grab the attention of passing customers when other stalls are full of choice, and it’s the same with an online shop. I don;t mean you have to have hundreds of items, but you need at least a page full when you are doing something like jewellery. Yes, it costs to list, but it’s still cheaper than booking a craft fair or renting shop space, and for any serious sort of business you need to invest a little to get a return.

(Kelly) #4

Sorry to hear you’re leaving @NobiasArt but in my personal opinion I think that’s a little drastic. I’ve just had a look inside your shop and your items are lovely but you only have 13 items listed. It doesn’t exactly give buyers a lot of choice.

I understand that not everyone has a high amount of items listed inside their shop which is fine but to spend 4 months trying to promote 13 items on social media etc is going about it wrong. What you could have done is spent another 3 months making more items and then promoting your shop & its products for a month. It’s a great possibility the outcome would have been much different.

I wish you much success elsewhere but do hope you re-consider staying with Folksy. Folksy isn’t the reason you have no sales. x

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #5

I completely agree with many of the things that have been said.
I have been on here for about a year and would say I’m still not established.
But I’m on here every day trying. I don’t have a plus account but limit myself to three listing a day at the moment. Then I promote and help others promote their items.
I think it takes about longer than 4 months to get going.
It would be a shame if you go. Give it another go but.list more items.
Just have fun with it

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(Kelly) #6

Jeez Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880, buy yourself the plus shop and be done with it woman! lol. You’d save yourself those listing fees all year long! x

(Sophie Dockrill) #7

Just wanted to say stick at it that little bit longer! I definitely feel the same as you but perhaps add a few more listings, and continuing doing what you’re doing in terms of promoting and fingers crossed it’ll pay off!

Just wanted to wish you all the best, whatever you decide, but hopefully you’ll stick around a bit longer!

(Kelly) #8

I want a baby girl for Sophie’s red bow headband, that’s just adorable!!! @SophiesHandmadeBabyBoutique x

(Sophie Dockrill) #9

I’ve just visited your shop again and you have some really great products! Definitely stick at it a bit longer! I’ve just pinned your rainbow wire necklace it’s fab. I bet if Folksy saw that they would love it!

Haha, thanks @tagpress! You better hurry up then, before there’s a mad rush and all my items sell out :wink: haha!

(Amberlilly) #10

It takes a while, no matter where you sale. My sales are very slowly happening. Both on here and Etsy. The plus account I look at as a bonus now and if I continue to get sales then obviously will do it again. I promote as much as I can on both sites. I.G. has brought me a few sales. I also tweet mega, not sure if it has any bearing on my sales with this one tho?
Facebook doesn’t really do anything for me but it does for others. Keep plugging, your shop is still young.:grinning:

(Kelly) #11

lol Sophie @SophiesHandmadeBabyBoutique x :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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(Sasha Garrett) #12

4 months isn’t long enough to establish yourself on a site, I set up a shop over on the other side and achieved 1 sale in 4 months but I have no plans to close that down. However running multiple shops online could be a bit of a logistical nightmare so if you feel that having one here is not for you then all the best with your other outlets.

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(Jan Ryan) #13

It’s a shame if you go, Your shop looks lovely filled with all your colourful items. I’d be tempted to relist and slowly add a few more items that will take you up to Christmas, then see how things are and make a decision then. Your shop over the pond seems to be doing well so it may take a little bit more time over here. After all you have already invested a bit of time over here setting everything up, you may just need a little longer. Good luck with whatever you decide :smile:
I’ve popped over to your fb page and gave you a like.

(Nobias Art) #14

Hi Eileen:)
I’m pretty sure I’ve visited your shop before. I’ve join Folksy 4 month ago and I am part of a Folksy group on facebook where I’ve got lots of help and found out the new tags right then and added those. I went trough all my listing and added the maximum, but will double check now where I have added only 5. thank you

(Nobias Art) #15

Completely agree with you Sara! I have added right from the 2-3 day 20listing and that is how many I’ve had until 2-3 days ago when some of them already expired. Now the rest will do as well, that is why I was thinking to ask advice if it’s worth doing it or not:) I do a lot of craft fayre and agree with you, a half empty table is not too welcoming and yes I think my jewellery making as a business, not a hobby, even though i love creating so it’s more a registered business what I love doing, but try to find places what works for me:)

(Nobias Art) #16

Thank you hobbitgirlie, Your comment is sooo sweet:) and made me think that the 20listing I’ve had truly wasn’t enough, if you list 3 item/day. WOoW! well done you!:slight_smile:

(Nobias Art) #17

lol Sophie, fingers crossed for that well deserved mad rush:))) you’ve made me laugh and thank you for pinning:)

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(Nobias Art) #18

Oh thank you very much. Yeah “over the pond” seemed to be doing better and that is also the reason why i wasn’t sure if my creations are not suitable for here or maybe my target market is just not here. But you’re right, I’ve done most of the setups here and spend soooo much time on my shop, relisting my items won’t take too much time anymore and add maybe a few more/week. Give another 4 months to decide. Thank you ladies! Also what Eileen said it made me think that yeah they have just added the extra tags so might be easier to find my creations now:)

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(Hobbitgirlie1880) #19

Maybe join in on afew of the other threads too.
There are afew were you help other people and the help you to promote.

(Nobias Art) #20

there was a few week when I joined in 5-6 daily, but didn’t do any difference for me:)