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#folksyhour Product Photo revamps

(Emma) #1

After a great recent #folksyhour I have had another run through my shop photography. I still struggle in certain areas and would love it if you could pop over and give me some honest feedback and suggestions. I am determined to get this area right. One specific nightmare I have is that after optimising my photos on a square for web they look fab in photoshop and on the main product photos but look blurred when compressed further i.e. when attached as links in items …any feedback on that point would be great.

(HilaryP) #2

I think your photos are great - the shallow depth of field works well with the text to highlight the texture. Not sure what you mean about the compressing - do you have an example?

Really love this one, it’s playful and attention grabbingand in our Christmas Wrapping guide :slight_smile:

(Emma) #3

Thank you (and great to be in the wrapping guide)… maybe I’m starting to get the hang of it at last. To find a compressed example do a shop search for Ellie Press and the results show thumbnails. The shops below have images that look so much clearer…but maybe I’m super critical. Being critical is not a bad thing though :wink:

(Tina Martin) #4

I think you’re being super critical, I think your photo’s are great, show your products really well! :slight_smile:

(Emma) #5

forgot to say thank you @DaisyWings its so hard to get right :wink: