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(HilaryP) #1


Tonight’s FolksyHour is at 8pm on Twitter.

The topic is Product Photography and how to improve your images.

Are you happy with your product photography? Does it drive you nutty that you can’t achieve the quality you need - what do you think is holding you back? Is it the tools or just a lack of understanding of lighting and depth of field? Could your product photography be the reason that your work isn’t selling as well as it does offline at fairs?

Please ask questons in the comments and I can use them in tonight’s chat :smile:
Details of how to join in here

(Nobias Art) #2

Hi Hilary,

I have got 2 question regarding photography, not really the technical part though:

  1. Is it a must to picture the item with a size chart or something next to it to give you a size idea?
  2. As a jewellery astist I know how my creations would look on a person, also try to capture it in some picture, maybe in 10% of my items. Do you think every item should have a modeled photo of it as well or layed out is good enough? (I don’t work with mannequins, somehow it creeps me out so just working with a real model).
    Many thanks

(Jennifer Combes) #3

Hi my question is… Is there a cheaper alternative to Adobe Photoshop? Thanks

(Jenny Baxter) #4

Hi Jennifer
Adobe’s Lightroom has been created specifically for photographers, whereas Photoshop is also for artists. I do all my processing in Lightroom - hardly ever need to go into Photoshop - and find it very user friendly. I’m not sure how it compares pricewise because of all the different pricing options, but I would highly recommend it.

(Jennifer Combes) #5

Thanks photoshop is about £8.75 a month, I did see something about lightroom - I shall check!