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In desperate need of advice please . .

(Lesley Hawkins) #1

Although new to Folksy I’ve been selling online for a number of years and still struggling with my photos.
I’ve read articles online, read hints and tips from forums (including here on Folksy), bought light boxes, you name it I’ve done it and my photos still aren’t good enough :flushed:
This pic shows my latest attempts and I’m hoping for some critique, which one do you prefer ie white background or wood and are they good enough for Folksy? - Thanks in advance, Lesley x

(Melanie Commins) #2

I like the last one. The plant breaks up the space between the card and the wood and that and the pen give the photo a naturally staged look. It’s almost impossible to take decent photo’s of white/light coloured things on white backgrounds. They always get a bit washed out … too much white.

What photo editing software do you use? Does it have editable ‘levels’? Levels allow you to adjust the brightness of light, mid and dark tones independently and it can really make a difference if you have a light item against a darker background or a darker item against a lighter background. If you do have it then try adjusting the mid-tones down in that last picture just a little. This will make the lightness of the card stand out a bit more and give the whole picture a little bit more pop. If you don’t have the levels function then you could try upping the contrast a teensy bit too. :slight_smile:

(Lesley Hawkins) #3

Thank you so much for taking time to comment. I don’t have the functionality you mentioned but I will try adjusting the contrast :blush:

(Helen Clifford) #4

I’m certainly not the best at taking photos … but I think the top right shows the card clearly, and gives some scale with the pen, but would be better on a contrasting background - maybe the wood-grain from your shelf? bottom left, similarly. The bottom right would be better if the card was straighter so I could read it more easily - but I like the ‘props’ - is it possible to get a little more light on the plant because it’s ‘hiding’ at the moment. To me, the top left is a bit cluttered - what is the card standing on?

Very pretty cards, by the way! I do like the clock and roses!

(Lesley Hawkins) #5

Thank you Helen and for your kind comment. Top left the card is sitting on top of its box but maybe that’s unnecessary. I too prefer the ‘non white’ background and think I need to carry on experimenting until I can get things right :wink:

(Claire Mead) #6

Hi, I prefer the non white background. I think you’re photos look great x

(Lesley Hawkins) #7

That’s very kind of you Claire thank you :blush:

(VintagePrints) #8

I think that plain backgrounds are quite in at the moment and it it’s a little less busy which helps show off your products, I’d recommend using natural light (so sitting them right next to a window) and putting them on a smooth white background with perhaps just a small fresh flower to compliment it and show the size. I’ve attached a couple of photos I’ve done recently. The one on the white/wooden background is actually just cheap click together floorboards that I found at B&Q and the other is just a smooth white table that I have sitting next to a window. If you are finding that the light is too harsh on one side and creating too much shadow then just pop something white just off the frame to reflect some of the light back into the shadows (white paper/card works well). Also when photographing it standing up make sure you take it from the same height as the card, rather than from above, that can sometimes distort it and make the card look flimsy even if it isn’t. Hopefully that might help a little, it is of course all down to personal preference. :slight_smile: They are lovely cards you have! Also don’t be afraid to do some angled photos really close up to show that they are 3D and not just flat. Natural light will always look better than any studio or light box :smile: Also the further away the card is from the background/wall when standing up the blurrier it is so it doesn’t take any lime light from your cards. Good luck!!!

(Lesley Hawkins) #9

Thank you so much Vintage Prints for the advice which is hugely appreciated. You photos are beautiful (as are your products), very professional looking. I especially like the ones with the floorboard background.
These photos here are my most recent attempts which hopefully are an improvement on the ones I had before. Still not as good as yours but I’ll keep trying :wink:

(VintagePrints) #10

Lovely! :slight_smile: Liking the plant & pen to show the size too! :herb::heart:

(Witty Dawn) #11

I would stick to one prop - one background rule. eg pen OR a bit of foliage ( not the pot - pretty though it is too many textures going on ) . One background - not the tiles /white wood with wood detail - again too many textures . Your cards are highly detailed so having too many other textures detracts from them I think. This photo of mine breaks that rule LOL BUT basically there are only four colours textures white/ grey / brown/ red pink

I have had lots of views and a few sales from this one.

Whilst pale / white is the default background that people tend to go for , for a paler/ white card a darker texture will make you item ‘POP’ more . I use a dark wall for a lot of my paler lampshades - this one gave me a sale this week

hope that is helpful x

(Lesley Hawkins) #12

Thank you Witty Dawn, methinks I’m not there yet with my photos but I won’t let it beat me :wink:

(Lesley Hawkins) #13

Taking advice onboard this is today’s attempt :thinking:

(Lesley Hawkins) #15

Here I go again but are these an improvement :thinking:

(Thedotterypotter) #16

Someone from Folksy HQ once told me that if your products don’t stand out on a white background, to try grey instead.
You are doing really well with all of your different shots though - it’s such a learning curve. I can’t really offer any practical advice that people haven’t already told you as I feel that I am always learning with my shots still.
I want to make a prop background so that I can move it anywhere in the house to find some nice filtered light. At the moment, my photography set up is a big roll of white paper hanging from the ceiling in the studio, so not very portable!
Good luck and I think your photos are looking great!

(Lesley Hawkins) #17

Thank you thank you I now feel I’m not a hopeless case :joy: I’ve been shopping on am…n and bought a white floorboard photography backdrop thingy so fingers crossed it will make a difference :flushed:

(Lesley Hawkins) #18

I think I am happy with these photos :roll_eyes: :joy: I’ve reduced the props and used one (the pen & holder), that I feel is in keeping with my subject. I’ve used natural light from a north facing window in the brightest room in the house, a light deflector and a photography background.
I would welcome any ideas etc in ways to improve TIA :blush:

(Thedotterypotter) #19

Wow - they really look fantastic now. Nice and clear and easy to look at. My favourites are shots 3 and 4 but they are all brilliant for showing different aspects of the card, including showing the box.
Well done, it was well worth all the effort x

(Lesley Hawkins) #20

Thank you so very much, I’ve used image 4 as the main picture with 3 as 2nd image and the others are extras :blush:

(Natalie Franca) #21

They look amazing now Lesley! Well done! Taking photos of our work are the bane of all our lives I reckon and you’ve worked so hard to get these so great! :heart_eyes:

Natalie xx