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For people in the North East & surrounding area struggling with Social

(brm) #1

Newcastle City Library is hosting a series of Digital Workshops in partnership with Google (completely free!), running on select dates through to the end of July. I think this was recommended by someone in a group I’m in on Facebook, thought it might be useful for some of you?

There are 3 different workshops, often the 3 are on the same day so you can make a day of it! I’ve signed up to the July 13th one (all 3 sessions) so perhaps I’ll see some Folksy Folk there?

(Heidi Meier) #2

That sounds a great opportunity. I’m going to see if they do any in my area of East Anglia. Your shop looks fab by the way - hope you do well on Folksy! :grinning:

(brm) #3

Thank you very much!

Like I say it’s run by Google, not a local company, so no reason why it couldn’t be available in other areas! I hope it is, as it seems an incredibly useful set of skills for small businesses like the ones on Folksy.

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