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Free reign - a little bit scary!

(Helen Dale) #1

I’ve just taken a custom bag order and the customer has given me complete free reign to use whatever fabrics I think. It’s great to have the freedom, but a little scary at the same time in case the customer ends up disappointed! Oh, and she wants it to be a surprise - so not even wanting to sign of the fabrics! Scary, but exciting!

(Suzanne Francis) #2

fab! it’s probably because all your bags are gorgeous- so she probably couldn’t make up her mind and thought she would let you make it up for her !! im sure she’ll be thrilled with it :smiley:

(Fiona Thomson) #3

i’m sorry i haven’t been that customer for you @HandbagsbyHelen :wink:

that really is the best kind of custom order though - knowing they trust you enough to guess right and get it right. nerve wracking though!
and yeah, your bags are wonderful so …

(Helen Dale) #4

I thought of you as I was typing @fionaT. But at least you provided a back up security blanket curtesy of your sister…someone to share the blame with of it all went wrong!
Your mini format for the messenger bag is proving popular though. You are hereby promoted to Chief Designer! …and maybe scary order consultee…???

(Helen Dale) #5

Thank you @WashedandFound and @fionaT. That’s really kind of you both. May come back here for backup!

(Fiona Thomson) #6

oh i’d be flattered & happy to help! feel free to send me your fabric combo conundrums .smiley face.