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Got some lovely feedback!

(Heidi Meier) #1

I got some really nice feedback via my Facebook page and I quote (cough cough…)

“I’ve received this card safe and sound. Thank You as is it absolutely perfect! In fact your photo’s on Folksy don’t really illustrate the glamour and detail of this lovely luxurious card! Thank You Heidi I’m one very happy shopper!”

Isn’t it nice when someone takes the time to track you on your Facebook page and to say thanks! She’s really made my day. And because I’m the world’s worse critic of my own stuff, now I really HAVE to improve my photos lol!! :slight_smile:

(Ali Joyce) #2

Lovely - well done! Xx

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(katieleather) #3

Aww that’s lovely @Textiletreasure well done X

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(Helen Healey) #4

There’s nothing like the warm fuzzy feeling that results from some heartfelt positive feedback. Your customer certainly sounds like one happy bunny.

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(Chelsea Carr) #5

That’s awesome. Well done :slight_smile:

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(hazydaisy) #6

Great stuff. :slight_smile:
You Can’t beat good feedback.

I am a Newbie here just a month old. I’m glad to hear someone gets a sale, & feedback as nothing has shifted in my shop yet,& I am getting slightly edgy that I swapped from the “Auction” site to here as thought it was more for handmade.
Beginning to wonder if I made the right choice. Fingers Xsd I get amy first sale soon.
Thanks for your encouragement :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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(Camilla) #7

That’s so nice to hear, Heidi.
Having a positive review from a happy customer is really important, and we’re looking at ways we can show that better in people’s shops and products. It would be great if buyers could really quickly see all the lovely things people have said about your work.

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(Heidi Meier) #8

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! Sorry I’m a bit late checking in today as we have had sports day at school, and managed to get all the children’s races in before the rain came, so we are very happy about that! @hazydaisy, I’m sure it won’t be too long - hang in and have a read at all the other really useful posts from both Folksy and the other shop owners about how to encourage traffic to your shop.

@folksycontent - it’s hard isn’t it as we can view feedback already but it is fairly hidden away I suppose. Maybe a badge system, similar to eBay’s Top rated seller might be a nice visual, but the disadvantage to that is it might put people off from buying from perfectly good shops who don’t have the badge because they haven’t sold the relevant amount of items yet.

Maybe another idea could be to have the chance to link any feedback to the Sold items listing, so that people can see the time, read its original description and then read what the buyer said?? Or add an element to the page template whereby you could show a feedback comment of the shop owner’s choice. Not sure how complicated that would be but might be encouraging for a buyer??