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Customers are fab, aren't they!

(Helen Dale) #1

Oh, I know the obvious benefit like - they buy stuff! But all my customers seem amazingly nice. I’ve had a couple of things go wrong with the last few orders. One of my zips broke a week after arriving. It was tested over and over again before using, but sometimes these things happen (as my customer kindly said!). She’s been so lovely about it and has just placed another order for two smaller items. I’ve offered to refund the postage to fix the zipper for her, but she’s been remarkably kind about the whole thing.
Then I did something stupid when posting a smaller item to another lady and didn’t put enough postage on it. As well as delaying the item, she obviously had to pay the extra costs. I offered to reimburse her, but she said she was so pleased with it she didn’t mind.
So to everyone’s lovely customers out there - thank you!
(I’ve probably jinxed my next sale now!)

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #2

I also find that customers are almost always nice - especially if I’m straight with them. I really enjoy the to-and-fro of designing custom items and find that many customers are a delight to work with.

What a pain to have two mishaps in such a short time - it can knock your confidence and make you wonder about yourself… So it’s great to have such a supportive and understanding response from your customers. I think I might drop a teeny present in the post to a customer who was so lovely to me… But I would definitely make sure I learned whatever I could from the error/mishap and tried to do things to prevent it happening again.

Yay for lovely customers!
Good luck with your next sale :wink:


(Plumporridge) #3

I am dealing with a lovely customer this week.

She purchased a peg bag (not here), but when it arrived the packaging was in shreds and the item damaged. She sent me photos straight away and asked me to list another so that she could buy again. I don’t want her to pay, it’s no more her fault than it is mine, so another one is on it’s way to her free of charge.

So she is insisting on returning the damaged one to me so that I can back up a claim to Royal Mail.

But it’s such a relief when people are so understanding.

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #4

I’ve always been in retail and was privileged enough to have my own shop. Sadly however I became very disillusioned with it and closed it in 2012 and have operated on-line (new to Folksy) via Ebay and Etsy ever since. I have never looked back! I love it! I feel much more engaged with my ‘ladies’ and really find my customers wonderful! Gush! Mx


I’m new to folksy and It sounds so nice. I haven’t had any customers on here yet but with my other shops, My customers have been great. I really enjoy doing business with my customers. I have sent my products to a few countries now which can take some time. Everyone is sooo patient.

(Helen Dale) #6

Welcome funky fern. Hope you get your first sale on here soon. Off to take a look at your shop.


Thank you. I hope you like it. :0)