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Friendliest Forum

I know I have started this thread before but could find it! And it never suggested another like it normally did.
Anyway, just wanted to say it again really! There is never any nastiness here at all and I don’t have to hold my breath with worrying if I’m going to get slated for typing anything in a forum, I’m sure you know where I mean!
I post over there and always I get someone either, just darn right rude or sarcastic!
So friends of Folksy, let’s keep this place always as nice as it is now!


I agree @Amberlilly it really is lovely on here.

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Agree with ya Ladies :slight_smile:

Here, here, three cheers for Folksy and us Folksiers. Love the place, wouldn’t sell anywhere else, in fact would love to sell here too, but that’s another thread!
Suzzie x


Haha, that made me laugh, @thistledownandHOPE tho I do tend to agree with you!

I do find this Forum friendlier too. And there is always a thread you can participate in or learn from…

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Agreed! It’s a really lovely, welcoming and friendly place to chat :smile: Lol Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE, I agree with that too!

Its quite a calm place, do we all do yoga by any chance LOL! :smirk: