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Front Page News!

(Vanda Parkinson) #1

I received the usual Folksy promotional email the other day and was very pleasantly surprised to see one of my Liberty Print Rabbits (lavender bags) on the Front page of the ‘Easter Decoration and Gift Guide’. It had had one viewing in the last 7 days. Yesterday it had 111 in one day!! Wow - Feeling very chuffed. Mice also available…

(sandranesbitt) #2

its amazing what a little feature can so. well done you x

(KLiKccessorizes) #3

Well done.

(Karen Ellam) #4

Well done that’s great. :blush:


(Heidi Meier) #5

Well done - that is an impressive viewing stat! :slightly_smiling:

(Helen Healey) #6

That’s brilliant. Well done. :smile:

(Liz Clark) #7

Well done! I do lavender birds, and they do rather well on here, so something a bit different like your rabbits should too! Make sure you stick Easter in your tags too!

(Vanda Parkinson) #8

Thanks for the advice on the Tags Liz. I’m never quite sure what to add there. I love your birds, they’re beautiful.

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(JewelleryhandcraftedbyPauline) #9

Excellent well done :blush:

(Ditsytulipshop) #10

Hi there, I was also featured in the email for my little blossom embroidery necklace, I was so very pleased as I’m new to Folksy and still finding my feet, my shop views increased by 3900%!!!

Thank you Folksy people!!

(Ditsytulipshop) #11

I love the little birds, adorable!!

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(Helen Clifford) #12

Lovely! Being featured really does give your views a boost (and your spirits!).