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I hope this doesn’t sound incredibly ungrateful but I was really pleased to see that a newly listed item of mine has been selected (yesterday, according to the feed on my dashboard) as a Folksy Favourite but when I tootled proudly off to the page to have a look, the item does not appear. Does any one know if items are held in reserve or listed straight away? Sorry if this is a tedious and frequently asked question -not been here long (will use that excuse while I can!)

Your needle felted fox head appears on the second page of the folksy favourites - is that the item that was mentioned on your dashboard feed? Before we got the notification system we didn’t know if something had been selected and lived in (sometimes quiet grumpy) ignorance so I have no idea if there is a delay between them being selected for a gift guide/ favourite and them appearing on that page if its not mr foxy that you were looking for. If it is Mr foxy keep an eye out on the front page as he’ll be randomly appearing on there for the next few days.

Thanks very much for replying Sasha, your comment about grumpy ignorance made me laugh! It’s actually a needle felted rabbit that’s been selected - wasn’t expecting it to make the front page but when I signed out and checked the Folksy Favourites page the rabbit wasn’t on any of the 5 pages. As you say, there was no way of knowing previously when and where so will just have to be satisfied with my fox!

I’ll keep an eye out for the rabbit on the front page when I sign in every morning and if I spot it I’ll let you know…

Thank you! -Like Springwatch for Folksy!!
Love your Eclipse sun & cloud necklace.


your rabbit’s on the front page at this very moment ! : - )

Ah, thank you! That answers my question then…patience child!
(Thought your Morrissey card was fab)

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Anna @WonderousOddities, not sure if you know but there is a list of folksy favourites here

The latest of those that are on the list appear randomly on the front page with those more recent additions appearing more often than the others. This means that even if you are chosen you will not appear on the front page every time you look at it but if you keep refreshing it you will pop up eventually.


Thanks Roz, yes - I re checked the list this morning via your link but he’s not there. As Sally kindly pointed out he did appear yesterday but that was because somebody viewd and then favourited him and as I understand it, that page is a rolling entry of items being flagged up as newly listed, recently favourited and recently sold as they appear with a time line (as was he, ie ‘Favourited 1 minuite ago’) I double checked he was still ‘Added to Folksy Favourites’, via the new ‘shop activity’ button - which he is (2 days ago under a bright orange banner) so am going to go with Sashas suggestion that before the shop activity function existed there was no way of knowing when or where so maybe the is a delay between being selected and then added to the list (although my fox appeared straight away?) Hope this all makes sense but am going to stop now as I’m boring myself!!
Thanks again for taking the time to reply