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Front Page Question

(Susan Bonnar) #1

I am amazed that on Cyber Monday the 2 shops that I just looked at on the Front Page (to see what they were doing so right to get picked) who have HUGE boxes all to themselves had 1 item and 4 items in their shops respectively. The shop with 1 item has no sales or at all. Neither shop has any feedback or have filled in their “Meet the Maker” section.

The showcase being offered to me was “Summer Wedding”…it’s December 1st!

If I was a customer finding Folksy for the first time today I would think that it was a site that had just been set up.

Just thought I would see what you thought?

(Joy Salt) #2

I think we are still awaiting the blog about the front page promised on the 8th November. Maybe that will explain all.

(Sarah Lambert) #3

lol I was so shocked that some of the items had changed I didn’t actually notice the summer wedding thingy

(Stephanie Short) #4

Omg! That’s terrible! And we pay for this? This together with the Xmas gift guide box issues, leaves more questions than answers.
If you’re page fits, maybe???

(Claire Davis) #5

Yep, when I logged on I was shown a shop with two items (no sales, no meet the maker) and a shop with four items (no sales or info either) The gift guide shown was Gifts For Pets, which I suppose could be worse, although I’m not personally in the habit of buying my cat a CHristmas present!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

that seems strange but I wonder as brides often look months in advance is Folksy trying to catch those to be brides who are planning on a summer wedding?

I might be grasping at straws but I’m trying very hard to stay positive to day after a very trying weekend which I won’t go into details about.

I must admit I do buy pets gifts at Christmas but only so they have something to keep them away from people presents when it comes to unwrapping time :slight_smile:

(Caroline John) #7

Yep and there is a valentines gift guide as well, from last year! Not great! I wanted some ideas for presents for teachers but the gift guides were all so samey I gave up and went to etsy for inspiration instead :t

(Roz) #8

I got a shop with 1 item and one with 21 items (slightly better) and also the summer wedding gift guide.

(Christine E.) #9

I never look at the front page any more, I’m afraid I’ve more or less given up with it all. When I move from the forum to my account I go via my icon, top right, so I don’t have to see it and don’t get mistaken for someone who’s “browsing”!

(Joy Salt) #10

May I / we formally request a response to our criticism of the unsigned in front screen which was promised on 8th November. I remain totally uninspired by it and I’m not that odd, if I am uninspired then so are lots of other people too.

(Denise Milward) #11

My endorsement to all these comments? Same old, same old…We do our best to promote our produce, fill in plenty of background and give a bit of personality, and then see items being promoted for weeks on end whose makers seem to think “a piece of string and glass beads” is an attractive description. Our newly listed slot lasts two refreshes and gets replaced by a “Sold thirteen days ago”. Why keep showing for so long?

(Tanith Rouse) #12

I’m going to try and give some constructive criticism about the front page. The signed in version “smorgasbord” even though it has been simplified still looks more like a dogs dinner. There’s too much scrolling needed and it’s difficult to navigate. It reminds me of a launderette I used to use when I was a student, it was full of signs and notices and just looked off putting.
Some of the gift guides have been around for so long e.g. statement jewellery was called Adorn last year and is the same but recycled with a few new additions. Quite a few of the jewellers that were in it have now got empty shops and have been replaced , but some shops have had over a year in this guide which is great for them but a bit dull for viewers. I do like the new gift guides though and it’s nice to see so many more people included. Just a thought, do they always have to be based on a theme. We have a jewellery one already, how about a ceramics one or print one etc.
I think the signed out front page is too simple and makes it look like there’s not much to choose from. Etsy have done this too and now every time I sign in I see items from shops I favourited years ago and nothing entices me to search generally.
As for the controversial gift guide button in listings. When I studied the psychology of advertising many years ago, the bottom right corner of a newspaper was the most expensive advertising space to buy as that is where the eye naturally falls on a page. As I say it was a long time ago and things may have changed. I’m hoping that people will view it as annoying advertising and just ignore it but it is in a position where my eye naturally goes to. I think the dogmatic approach by folksy to this button is wrong and the timing of the trial is lousy.
I hope this isn’t too long and boring. I don’t want this to be seen as a Folksy bashing post, my intentions are good ones :blush:

(Thecardjeanie) #13

As there are so many of us card makers on Folksy it is very difficult for us to get noticed. It doesn’t help when the same stationery and cards are being shown on the front page time and again. I have been watching it closely and noted what was showing on the 10th November. On checking today I see that there are at least seven items still showing up almost a month later.

Would it be possible to change it a little more often, maybe every three or four days. In that way more of us might get a chance to make it to the ‘Cards & Staionery’ Front Page.

That would be a great help.