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Folksy front page

(Christina Green) #1

I really like the new front page! It shows a much larger spectrum of crafts, thanks Folksy!

What do other folks think? Does it ring your bell?

Chris :smile:

(Little Ramstudio) #2

Chris, there is a discussion about it in the Smorgasbord thread :smile:

(Christina Green) #3

Aha! Thanks! I had taken a look around but hadn’t spotted anything :blush:

The forum is so vibrant, with lots more postings, it can be a bit tricky to keep track!

C x

(Kylie Tilley) #4

I like the fact it shows all different kinds of crafts but i think the top of the front page looks very cluttered

(Nifty) #5

can I suggest adding to the already running thread? The Smorgasbord

(Christina Green) #6

Erm, help! Should I/can I redirect posts to there? Or can I close this thread? Sorry, I’ve hit the buffers of my knowledge here peeps!!!