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Full-time sellers

(Wanderings) #1

Just wondering how many crafters on Folksy are full-time? Would love to hear your stories :wink: Just started on Folksy today myself, but have been selling (non full-time) for ages (on & off) :wink:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

This is what I now do full time.

(Wanderings) #3

Congrats! How long have you been doing this full-time and any tips for the rest of us aspirers? :slight_smile:

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #4

I’m a full timer :smile:

3 and a half years now. I miss paid holidays lol!

Couldn’t have done it without working tax credits, as for the first couple of years I made very little actual profit. Now I have found what sells best for me, and am starting to make more profit - yay!

(Ali Millard) #5

I’m full time too. I’ve been running my own business full time for around 6 years.
The most important thing to get right if you want to be a full time seller is your pricing.

(Sasha Garrett) #6

Selling my jewellery has been my main source of income for the past 2 years but on what my other half has described as an ‘all hours, no hours’ basis as there are times of the year when it is very quiet so I do other things but in the run up to Christmas I seem to work all available hours as I have to cash in on all the present buying that people are doing. Don’t expect it to be quick or easy at the beginning - first year I made a loss, second year I made a tiny profit, this tax year I think I’ll make an ok profit but not what I’d call a living. Be prepared to have to spend as much time on photographing items, promoting and other back room chores as you do on making things.
Hopefully not put you off your venture.

(Kim Blythe) #7

I would love to do it full time but unfortunately I can’t afford to give up my part time job. Hubby’s had some bad luck with jobs recently and is earning less than half what he was 5 years ago…so we rely on my income.
I would happily sew etc. for 7 days a week if I could earn enough…but I can’t at the moment…maybe in a few years if I have built up enough regular customers, who knows?..


(Sally Eira) #8

slightly off topic- but i remember folksy listing top sellers - does anybody know how to find out who top sellers are and then was also wondering if the top sellers are full-time.


(Sasha Garrett) #9
I made it on there earlier this year (back in April) by selling one of my more expensive necklaces.

(Deborah Jones) #10

My husband and I are both self-employed and we both end up working really long hours for quite a modest income, but …we both look forward to going to work.
We made sure that we cut our outgoings to a minimum. So the earnings go as far as possible.
@SallyandtheFreckles on the list of top sellers for 2014 quite a lot are full time.

(Sally Eira) #11

thanks for the info.

(Sally Eira) #12

is it best seller in a certain time period or bestsellers ever?

(Deborah Jones) #13

The bestsellers gets up dated nightly , for sales income in a seven day period

(Sally Eira) #14

thanks - sorry didn’t actually read the list properly.
is it number if items sold or in terms of amount made?

(Deborah Jones) #15

Amount of money made


I made it to the top sellers list a couple of times, but I am not a full-time seller because I can’t afford to live on what I make. I am happy that I sell enough to buy materials, but it wouldn’t pay the bills or put food on the table. However, I am entirely self-employed and I love my other jobs too, nearly as much as I enjoy creating so I am quite lucky that I can be full-time self-employed and make a living but not a full-time seller/painter though. But it took me nearly 5 years to get here, as for Folksy, it was only after I went for the plus account and updated my photos, titles and descriptions that I started to sell regularly and I still go through quiet periods no matter how much I promote my shop.

(Wanderings) #17

Congrats! 3 years is amazing!! I’m sure even more profits will follow soon :slight_smile: What are working tax credits?! (Obviously have a lot to learn!)

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #18

It’s a top up credit for people on low incomes. Ideal for those becoming self employed, as although it’s not a lot of money, it’s something guaranteed each week.

(Wanderings) #19

Congrats! Any pricing tips to share? :slight_smile:

(Wanderings) #20

Profitable in the 2nd year sounds amazing :slight_smile: Thanks for the tip- yes I’ve realised that about photography!! :stuck_out_tongue: Been pulling my hair out about it! :frowning: