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Getting rid of old stock

(Helen Dale) #1

I’m thinking of having a bit of a sale to clear out some of my early stock. My bags have moved on since i first started making them and joined Folksy two or three years ago. So i think it’s time to get rid of some of the items which have been around a while and don’t really reflect my current makes. I just wondered what other folks experience was of this? Should I just have a bargain basement/clearance section on my current page, or should I open another shop which is unlinked where I can sell off stuff cheaper? What do you think?

(Grimm Exhibition) #2

I had 4 shops at 1 point, 2 crafts and 2 jewellery, but decided recently to cut down to 2 shops. I have 1 for crafts like cushions, pocket mirrors etc and the other for my jewellery.
Ive decided not to make jewellery anymore so all prices are reduced but have had no luck selling anything.
I only have a seperate shop for sale items as the shop already existed, I dont think youl need to open another shop. Seeing as we have sections system now I reckon itl be easier to sell from your existing shop, just put the items in their own category.
Just my opinion, hope it helps.

(Margaret Jackson) #3

It would be easiest to have a clearance section of your existing stock, shouldn’t take too long to sell it!

(Deborah Jones) #4

I would have a sale section in your shop, as the products are of a similar type. It worked for me with end of line items.

(Sarah Eves) #5

I’ve never had much luck with selling reduced stock online.
A few years ago Facebook was very good for selling through a sale album, but with such a poor reach now it just doesn’t work for me.
I think a sale section is a good option.

Sarah x

(Sharonj19) #6

Whenever I’ve put things ‘on sale’ in my shops they haven’t sold. A few weeks ago I put a couple of things on sale on my fb page - I did one a day and they both sold on the same day - if you have an active fb page it might be worth a go.