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Stock or sales!

(Sarah Williams) #1

Hi, looking for some advice from all of you experienced sellers! I have a shop on folksy and am trying to generate sales. Should i have lots of items in my store first and hope for sales or have a few items and promote these? Bit of a chicken and egg situation!! Any advice, critique or words of wisdom would be great!

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #2

Definitely both! LOL!

It’s always good to have a fair amount of choice for people who are browsing your shop, and then you can focus on promoting a few items, and when people come to look at those items they might look at, and hopefully buy, other stuff as well :slight_smile:

(Deborah Jones) #3

I would agree with Sara , a good amount of stock makes you look like a viable business , and offers more choice.
But promote as go along., to generate interest.

(Jo Sara) #4

It’s 18p per item to list for 4 months. So if you invest a smidge over a fiver to see how you get on, you’ll get 28 items into your shop which is a nice full looking page and a bit’s worth for customers to browse :smile:


(Sarah Williams) #5

Thanks Jo, know what you mean. :blush:

(Sarah Williams) #6

Thanks Sara :blush:

(Sarah Williams) #7

Thank you Deborah :blush:

(Minerva) #8

It is a tricky one as there could be several answers…

People will remember you more if you have a particular range, or a theme going and all items are related so your shop looks cohesive.
But if you have variety then customers can spend more time browsing your shop, might find something else instead of what they were originally looking for and even might buy multiple items and save on shipping cost.
Perhaps have a few main products and some related additional ones.
Or pick items you see they are viewed and sold a lot…

Very tricky :slight_smile: It requires a lot of trial and error as things are different for every seller and every shop.

(Sarah Eves) #9

I agree that you need a range of items for customers to browse through.
However, I would rather see a few beautifully made items in a new shop than hundreds of items made in a rush to fill it.

Sarah x

(Sarah Williams) #10

Thank you, I guess I will trial things and see how they go. :slight_smile:

(Sarah Williams) #11

Thank you Sarah, I’m trying to stick to the things I enjoy making and I would have in my home, so hopefully when I get some craft fayres under my belt I will get some interest! :slight_smile:

(Brenda Cumming) #12

Also , Keep listing items…don;t just put items in your shop and sit back and wait…I tell people this all the time…it doesn’t matter how often you list items but keep doing it.
Imagine if you were shopping in town and the window of a shop ALWAYS looked the same, then you would stop looking. BUT if there is always something new to look at, then you will keep going back to see if there is anything that you might like to buy.
If you only have a few items, then list a couple and then a few days later, list a couple more…but KEEP LISTING…