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Gifts for First Holy Communion

I was thinking about asking in Wanted but maybe here we can have a double gain: I will find a gift for my daughter’s friend and you can show your lovely stuff…
So, do you have anything that would be a suitable First Communion gift? Something that can be personalized? A keepsake? or just something cute for a 9 yo?

I have some hand knitted items for kids…not sure if they would be suitable, particularly, for a First Communion…

If anything catches your eye in the adults’ section, I might be able to prepare a custom order too.

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Hello magdalena
I have things I have made for christenings is that the same sort of thing.
Sorry if I sound stupid.

I made this sort of bracelet for a friend’s little girl but it was in white.

I also made another friend a button charm bracelet with buttons and cross charms like this but not bunnies crosses
I could do any charms really I have all sorts

I have lots of different bracelets in my shop. I can change sizes to fit a child or.personalise any of them by changing charms and colours. I can also make a set if you find one thing you like. Like a bracelet I can make earrings to go. Or a necklace .

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Hi Magdalena,

I have a hand drawn and painted personalised Communion Card.
It can be personalised with the name, skin tone and hair colour and length can also be chosen to suit plus where and when the Communion takes place.

A lot of my customers end up getting the cards framed.

Helen : )

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Hello Magdalena, I have a very cute bunny coat hanger to hang the First Communion dress on, something my daughter uses to hanger her favourite dress on too. Also in the range are a bear and kitten.
Hope she has a very special day,

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I have some personalised communion cards

I have a beautiful cross in the shop - I can make these to order and even include a personal memento!>

I could make a silk and mohair lace shawl in white, it could make a nice keepsake that she can use later on? I have them in apple green and purple at the moment in my shop.

These make a gift with a difference