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Good luck to everyone collecting their results today!

(Stephanie Guy) #1

It’s A2 and AS results day - best of luck to all the young people (and any oldies) who are collecting theirs today.

Remember, what ever schools and colleges have been telling you, your whole life does NOT depend on how you do today!


(Roz) #2

My eldest off to get a level results today. I totally agree with your sentiments but sadly they have all been brainwashed to think otherwise.

(Margaret Jackson) #3

Good luck to everyone awaiting results. I agree, their life does not depend on the results, but it’s nice to get good results after all that hard work!

(Gracie22) #4

Yes I agree, best wishes for results, but life does not depend on results, lots of people have done really well in life with no exams :slight_smile: but hope you do all get great news, let us all know? :slight_smile: