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Results Thursday 13th Aug

We are all up waiting for the A level results to come through. Daren’t get the knitting out as the tension will be all awry! So thought I would say hello with a cuppa tea and see who else is up for a chat.
Hopefully I will finish a stock hottie today. Had 11 views yesterday and all for things I haven’t promoted in ages! How does that work then?
Suzzie x

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Ooooo hope the results are good. I remember waiting for my diploma results was bricking it cos I really thought I’d have to redo it.

I’m currently waiting in the rain for a bus to my sister’s.
It feels like winter here in Surrey.
Hopefully it will be nicer tomorrow as I would like to photos.

I get that sometimes suzzie @thistledownandHOPE it makes me laugh when it happens.

Its not just the viewing of stuff I haven’t been promoting lately @hobbitgirlie1880 , I have been rather erratic with that lately it being holiday time, but for the past few weeks my views have dipped to 2 - 4 a day, so to get 11, it must have been pants weather all over the country making people reach for their laptops instead of their secatures!
But you are at the bus stop going to your sisters again?
Suzzie x

Fingers crossed for the A level results Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE. My daughter gets her AS results today but we have to wait until after the A levels have been given out so a bit of a longer wait! Hoping she will have pulled it out the bag at the last minute but will just have to deal with whatever comes our way :slight_smile: I keep telling her that exam results are not the be all and end all, there are always other ways to achieve your dream.

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Hello Roz @Rozcraftz we are also waiting for the girlfriends AS results, 10.30 she can see them, so its mega tense here, but we too say what will be will be, when one door shuts another opens.
Whats happening with your shop name change, all systems go?
Suzzie x

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Good luck to everyone’s kids. Deep calming breaths all round.
Two of my 3 a levels were modular so I’d worked out what I could (and couldn’t) afford to get in the final modules to get the grades I needed for uni. Since I hadn’t had the mother of all melt downs in the exam I pretty much knew what my grades were and that they would get me into my first choice uni - made for quiet a relaxed day. My parents had gone on holiday when my gcse results came out but I think they were in the country for the a-levels.

Sometimes when I’m not.promoting I’ll all then all of sudden get 10-20 it’s very strange. but the last few days have horrible weather wise were in am.
So might be the weather. Or people have come back from holiday. You never really know. You never know one of your items might be in the folksy favourites.

Yeah I’m up my sister’s AGAIN!!! I told her I can only do one day after this.week.
I’m only.doing this because her mother in law is on holiday.
Iv told her she can’t rely on me so much to look after her boys after this week.
It’s not fair on them or me.

Yes Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE, think I am going to go ahead with change. Have decided to open a new shop and keep Rozcraftz for destash and any non felted items I might make. It will mean I have to re-list everything but that is no bad thing as a lot of my listings were copied and pasted which is not good and many need better photos and tags. I am going to try and aim for a changeover in September, hopefully in time for the Christmas rush!

I’m glad you are doing what you wanted to do.
Sometimes it is good to start things afresh.
I bet it will fun relisting all your items.

Good idea Roz @Rozcraftz a measured transition, best way. Good luck, let us all know the new launch date so we can bolster the views.
Suzzie x

3 minutes to go !!!

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Good Luck with the exam results xx
I remember waiting for our Daughter’s 3 years ago (doesn’t feel that long!) luckily she got her University offer come through on email at 7am so knew she had her place before the results were picked up.

Hope all went okay Suzzie :smile: All calm here as our son’s results are through & he’s in …phew xx

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Our son is in too, off to Birmingham. So that hurdle is over, on to the next. Can get the knitting out now!
Suzzie x


Daughters AS results not quite what she had hoped for but she passed them all - she’s a bit upset as it limits the uni’s she can apply to but she’ll be fine in a couple of days.

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I hope she gets over her disappointment, it was after AS results that my daughter decided Veterinary medicine might not be for her as they all wanted at least three A* grades (being a vet was all she’d wanted to do since she was 8 or 9) she changed direction to Zoology loved the course and recently got a 2:1 degree. Hopefully your daughter will be able to follow her dream in one form or another xx

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