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Good quality mug printers!

Hi can anyone help/ advise.
I want to have a couple of my images printed onto mugs, anyone advise me of a good reasonably priced mug printer? … Who may also supply packaging boxes?
Thinking I would like to sell them for between £8 - £12 depending on print costs
I have seen some lovely ones here on Folksy … Maybe you might share your printer?
Help & advice gratefully appreciated

Just an addendum … ’ maybe you might share your printer’ actually means … Share the name/ company who prints your mugs for you! :slight_smile:

Not sure about mug-printers, but have seen in graphics stores some special transfer sheets which are suitable for glass and ceramics, where you print your design onto the sheet and then transfer the sheet to the glass or ceramic mug. Not sure how dishwasher-resistant that might be though, but probably a lot cheaper than a specialist printer.
Have even seen some in ‘Staples’, but a specialist graphics- supplies store is probably better.
Also, lots of printing companies can print your designs to mugs and plates, etc., but cost may not be worthwhile unless you do lots of them.

I’m guessing you are referring to ‘Hot Press Printing’ The equipment and software is not cheap.

Hi there, thank you for the info, I will take a look at the weekend in our local Staples.
I have seen some lovely mugs by crafters, and they do look as if they have been printed onto … And say they are dishwasher proof … But will check out the film you mention. Cheers :slight_smile:

Not sure if that’s thte technique but was really looking for companies that will print on to mugs for me, not ready to invest huge amounts into equipment just yet :slight_smile: thank you for the post … Cheers

I used to use Gelert Design for mugs - not sure he still has a shop on here (but you can google the name and find him). He does drop shipping for items like mugs - otherwise you have to pay to have them shipped to you and then it’s quite high postage for the customer to pay too. I had some mugs done with my Ballet BunBuns designs, and when I got an order I would contact Dave at Gelert and he would print the mug them ship direct to the customer :slight_smile:

Have a look at this link.
They call it dye-sublimation printing .
Staples has Avery transfers that do glass -you could try an experiment on a mug with those, but no guarantee it would be suitable.

I think this is intended for use on sublimation mug printers, but it does mention Epson, HP in the description, so worth further investigation.
The supplier even sell mugs too.

I would imagine that you would get a better result with Sara’s suggestion with Gelert Designs.


Thank you Sarah I will investigate :slight_smile:

1 Like are a company that uses your design to produce anything from mugs and plates to pencils and notepads.

Hi Maggie, this is the sort of thing I was thinking of. Where a company prints my designs onto a mug … Or another lovely product … Choices choices on this site! Will give them a call and get an idea of their costs. ThankYou:)

Glad it was helpful!x

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Have just joined this, saw your post i just wanted to say i have recently set up a mug/ceramic printing business so if you are still looking give me a shout and we can see what we can do.

Hi Carteruk I am still investigating … So would be interested in hearing more, do you have an online shop I could pop and have a look at?


No website yet still messing around with that, i do have some images of my work if that would help?

Hi, i am also looking for a company to print designs onto mugs. I am a illustrator and looking to get some designs on to mugs etc…do you print anything other than mugs carter uk? Do you have more details?


I also print onto money boxes, but having just started a few weeks ago it was a good starting place. So currently just mugs (all different sizes) and money boxes. I would add that i use dry sublimation with only quality ink (Sawgrass) sublimation paper and products. If you would like any other information please give me a shout.

Hi Carter UK
Would love to see some pictures of your mug styles and some with images on if you have any? Also what are you charging per mug and for say 25.?
Where abouts in UK are you?

Hi Julie,

I am in the midst of setting up an e bay shop although this does not have actual images of the product, only the designs i will print on to mugs and money boxes. I am also doing some markets and craft fairs coming up to christmas. I am selling mugs for approx. £5 but it would depend on artwork and work involved.

I am in Northampton, so depending on where you are postage may be a cost that would need to be factored in, but for 25 mugs i’m sure we could come to some mutual agreeable figure. I have only a few images in the e bay shop as yet as it is a long process to upload the 100 or so mug and money box designs. But feel free to take a look. The shop and company name is Black Chicken ceramics.



I do have some actual photo images of actual mugs and money boxes produced which do give a much better idea of quality etc. let me know if you would like them and where i can send them to you.


There are different types of mug printers available in the market. You can take a look of some mug heat press machine. Some of them have limited functionality, called mini mug press machine. They have also multi-function mug printers.
Here are some examples: