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Calling all card creators - Does anyone know any good card printers?

(Chris Hagan) #1

Hi there,

just wondering if anyone can recommend any good card suppliers, I need cards printed from my designs in a range of sizes A5, square etc (pref with envelopes supplied too) the only thing I’ve found so far is but they work out at about 74p per card and only do a5 size - any suggestions glady recieved

  • please don’t move me from this area if possible as I wanted to get the question out to people who create cards, as my other posts on this subject haven’t been replied to as yet

Many Thanks!


(Stephanie Guy) #2

I have mine printed locally. He does endless proofs until I’m happy, and has beaten moo on both quality of image and price. He can’t quite beat moo on quality of card, but he can match them so I’m happy.

I source envelopes (from The Range) and cellophane bags (from The Works or The Range) myself.

I think @Coloursandtextures Tessa knows a good online printer that she uses.

I also think you will get moved to craft talk as that is where this thread belongs. I don’t think the category affects who sees your threads anyway…I didn’t see your question before or I would have replied earlier.

(Christine Shephard) #3

I use an online company called Centreprint and have always been pleased with the quality and price. I think you may find cheaper, but probably at the expense of quality, so it’s your call.

(Margaret Jackson) #4

Basically I think you get what you pay for, and probably a bit of trial and error if you go for the local option.

Good luck!

(and sorry but this really does belong in Craft Talk!)

(Chris Hagan) #5

thanks Stephanie!

(Chris Hagan) #6

Many thanks Christine, I’ll have a look, Chris

(Chris Hagan) #7

Many Thanks Margaret, Chris