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Finding fair printer prices for black and white designs

Hi there, I am thinking of starting my own little website to show my little cards which are black n white ink on plain white cards. Quite simple scanning really. I was using a local stationary printer to do a batch of Christmas ones last year for my home use and he was quite cheap at 0.625p per card when I ordered 50. Now I have been charged 0.96p per card for the same amount and he said it was due to rising costs, etc., time taken in scanning, etc. Is this a normal rate for black n white cards or are there any other places I could go for this? I used Vista before online but there work was really shoddy, in my opinion, so I wanted to use a shop where I could have personal contact with the printer. I haven’t even started a business as I can’t see how I could possibly make any profit with such high printing costs. Any help from fellow card and stationery makers?
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I find it more convenient to use online printers. I usually use and have always been very happy with the quality. Or else if you’re quick, have 25% off until the end of tomorrow bringing their prices down to a more affordable level - the advantage there is you can upload different designs at no extra cost if you want to try out and see which sell best - and their quality is excellent.

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I’ve also used if I want a large quantity printed, and have been really pleased with the quality and service. :slight_smile:

Thanks Helen, my concern with online printers was that they may not get the image placed properly on the card or the black ink would come out as a greyish tone. Do you get speaking to the same guy each time you have a query, etc?

Thanks Daisywings. I will look into this company.

I’ve never actually had a query so can’t help there! They do guarantee money back or a reprint if you’re not happy. So if they get the placement wrong you can get them to do it again. The image you upload should cover the whole area including a bleed area so if you have margins you need to add them yourself. Some of my stuff is black and white and the black really is black. Hope that helps!