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Google Analytics. Tracking Code and User ID are different. Help?

(Vicki Cockcroft) #1

Just restarting on Folksy and am trying to set up Google Analytics again. No results have come through yet, so I’ve had a trawl round and find that my Tracking Code and User ID are different numbers. Can anyone advise me whether they should be the same? And, if so, how I change the User ID? Oh dear, I hated Google Analytics last time round till I got it set up properly. Then I loved it. Would be most grateful for help/advice on this.

(JollySmall) #2

Hi Vicki - just wondering if you managed to get this sorted since you posted it 10 days ago? Sorry I have only just seen it
I’ve just checked my numbers - they are the same but the UA number has -1 after it (no spaces) - don’t know if this helps at all and I’m not sure how you would go about altering either one