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Grandma, Granny or Nana?!

Just doing some market research for my cards and wondered if you would mind to let me know what the grandmother (Whether it’s you, your mum, or your grandmother) is called in your family. I am trying to see the most popular options are at the moment - thanks so much!

Grandma for me, although hopefully not for a while yet :slight_smile:

I’m Nana to my little grandson.

I am nana to my grandson and granddaughter xx

In my family my mum’s mum was Grandma whilst my dad’s mum was Nana so that we knew which one we were taking about without having to put an extra name with it. My sort of nephew has a Nana (his mum’s mum), a Grandma (his dad’s mum) and a Granny (his dad’s step mum). That doesn’t help you whittle it down at all does it. I’m wondering if there is a geographical variation in what gets used.

I’m Nanny to my 2 grandsons and my son and daughter call my mum nan

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My grans were Nanny and my kids had a Nanny and a Granny .

Grandma, though if it ever happens I guess I will be step-grandma - don’t really like the thought of that :grin:

I have just been told that I am going to be a grandmother…(my son and his lady are in their 40’s and I shall be 70 soon…about time…lol)
I didn’t like the options…until someone put this on facebook…and it is what I have chosen…lol

Glam - ma
A woman whose children have had children but she is far too young, gorgeous& glamorous to be called Grandma…

That’s it sorted for me then…lol


My kids have a Grandma & a Granny. I had a Nana & a Grandma. My friends’ kids on the other hand have a Nonny!

To be honest I’ve had difficulty finding Granny cards up here in Scotland. Nan’s & Grandma’s seem to be all the rage! :smile:

I’m Grandma to my grandchildren

Nanny and Nana in our family xx

Both my grandmothers were ‘Nana’ to me, with their surnames added to avoid confusion. My mum is Nan to her 2 grandsons and More-Nanny to her 2 granddaughters (their other one was Nanny, so she became More-Nanny - they had limited vocabulary at the time - and it stuck!) :slight_smile:

Well, I had nan’s, but we called my mum Grandma, I don’t know what I will be called, don’t really like any of them really :slight_smile:

My kids call my mum and mum-in-law Grandma. I have step-grandchildren and they call me Nan.

I’m nanny to my 2 grandsons :slight_smile:

I’m grandma.

I have one grandparent- she’s nana to me. My husband has two, Gran and Grandma…so not sure if that helps you. Haha one of each here!!

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Mine was Nan :slight_smile:

My Mum and Mum-In-Law are both Grandma, (but my sisters and me called ours Granny)