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What is the collective noun for one's adult children?

I can’t call my 20 and almost 19 year old children ‘kids’ anymore…but don’t know what to replace the word with. The offspring is a band; youngsters makes me feel old and them feel patronised; and young people tends to refer to teenagers these days.

At the moment we’ve come up with ‘the nuggets’ (derived from womb nuggets, which is what my daughter calls babies).

Any suggestions?

My parents still call us ‘the children’ even though we’re in our 50s! :smile:


My daughters are 18 and 19 but will always be my “babies” :smile:

My brother in law calls his older children “me boys” they are 24 and 17.

I know this won’t help, but our eldest boy at uni is called ‘the gannet’ for obvious reasons!
Suzzie x

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Me and my brothers are still ‘the kids’ despite ages from 36-44

Love to hear some good suggestions too! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I have to add I’m 31, my sister is 37 and my brother is 35 and my mum still calls us her babies. It’s soooo embarrassing

Still call mine “my kids” although sometimes “young adults” now they are in their 20s. Not quite sure if I’ll be changing now that the eldest is himself a proud parent (as of yesterday!)


Congratulations Grandma!
Suzzie x

Ah congratulations @RhiannonRoseJewellery

This thread made me laugh as I was telling someone that my daughter had started school out of the area and I was wondering how she was getting on - it was only after that I realised the lady thought I meant a child and I should have pointed out that my daughter is a teacher :smiley:


Congratulations @RhiannonRoseJewellery!

Haha Rachel @GreenwoodMakes that lady’s face must have been a picture :joy:

Lol Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE

@hobbitgirlie1880 it’s definitely easier if they’re the same sex - I have one of each so it’s a little trickier.

Hi, my daughter is 21, still occasionally called the Bairn.

I don’t really think there is a term for this is there? Quite strange really that there isn’t one. Our son is 20 and our daughter is 18. They are still “the kids”.


Yes, there doesn’t seem to a word for them does there, I think I’ll have to keep to calling my 22 & 19 year old the ‘kids’. :slight_smile:

Going off on a bit of a tangent… as our surname is Rowe when they were young I would introduce my three children as my fish fingers…they would always groan…but I thought it was funny! (;o)

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I have two sons, both in their late 30’s and I always call them ‘the muppets’ - although one has a BA and the other has his Dr.!


Ha yes we used to call little kids ‘sproglets’ when I was in the 6th form so I guess spogs follows on :slight_smile:

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Stephie’s Sprogs…