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Correct grammar?

Some times customers ask me to put on a card -eg Happy birthday to my daughter on HER birthday but I think it is better to say Happy birthday to my daughter on YOUR birthday
What do you think?

It can be hard with grammar and spelling - sometimes customers want things done wrong deliberately as it may be an in joke or something. If you are unsure I would just send an email giving the two options and asking which they want.

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Hmmm. Love a good grammar question!

Think I’d go for ‘her’ in that sentence, it’s a bit impersonal.
On the other hand, I’d put ‘Love to Jenny on your birthday’, so it depends.

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I assume the customer is correct but if in doubt send a message which explains how the layout of the words will look on the card. If at this point they are happy with it then you can be in no way doing the wrong thing! (even if it is incorrect use of grammar :slight_smile: )


I would say the above is grammatically correct due to use of possession (i.e. my daughter), and the other example using your doesn’t read correctly because it’s using another possessive pro-noun.


It’s really difficult but also accents can make all the difference to the wording as well x


I do prefer your as more personal I think, but as Dottie said best to check with customer.