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Great Vintage Eco Charity Event in Cirencester / Cotswolds

(Witty Dawn) #1

Hi everyone , not on here much these days as I am pretty busy at the moment !

However I’m at a great event happening this weekend a the The Organic Farm Shop and Cafe -organised by a good friend - if you happen to be in Cirencester / Cotswolds please come and say hi

Check it out here enter link description here

I’ve been in my studio making and upcycling lots of great things smiley: and looking forward to Saturday as I have been at this event before with lots of my local friends and vintage enthusiasts and it’s great fun

I generally don’t do fairs BUT I always try and do this one as it is such a great venue with a suberb set of sellers.

(Serena and Isabella Twibell) #2

Wish I lived closer I’d be there in a flash! Have a fabulous event!

(Witty Dawn) #3

THANKS! It’s a really lovely event.

I hope I manage to sell some of these things but I must confess if I have to keep some of them I won’t be TOO upset - they’d look great in my living room ! ( although I will no doubt list one or two things back onto Folksy )

As usual I expect my mice ( as listed on Folksy) will be most popular though.

(Serena and Isabella Twibell) #4

They’d all look good in my living room aswell!!! Have a lovely day! x

(Witty Dawn) #5

This was a fantastic event ! I sold lots, great stallholders and fab atmosphere. A bundle of cash raised for charity. Why so good? Super venue, huge amount of effort and commitment from the organiser . it is a ‘by invitation’ event and she tours vintage fairs to find great stallholders. Quite strict vintage /eco ethos and no new items are allowed. We had a flood of visitors ! Having a great organiser makes all the difference.