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Guidance with Uploading Photos etc

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #1


Just a request - It would be very helpful if, when loading photos into forum posts, or our profiles, there was guidance about photo dimensions and maximum file size etc.

I had problems loading photos and eventually realised it was probably that the files are too large (I got a new camera… still learning!) However, there are no notes to tell us what file size is acceptable.
Similar problem with avatars etc - no file size or dimensions.

May we have this guidance please?

Thank you!

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(Jo Sara) #2

Hi Lizzie,

There is a guide to the sizes, but you have to hunt it out under the Help section, so it’s not immediately obvious.

Here it is though -

Hope that helps.


Edit. Sorry Lizzie, just reread what you’ve put and you want sizes for the forum, I’ve linked to listing photo sizes. That’ll teach me to speed read.

(Sian ) #3

Hi Lizzie

The max image size for upload to the forums is 2048 KB
File formats supported are .jpg .png and .gif

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #4

Thank you @sianfolksy1, but what I mean, is that there need to be notes for guidance At The Point Where you are trying to load images etc. So, on that page, next to the box where you click/cut & paste/whatever. People don’t want to go looking in the forum for this info, or on seperate info pages; they’re busy and need to know “now”!

It would be really helpful to have the info you just gave in the actual places where photo loading happens!

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