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Uploading photos

Anyone else having trouble uploading photos today…I can see this has been a recurring issue, but its the first time its happened to me. I eventually got one photo uploaded but cant get any more without the error message.

Yes same is happening to me @Folksyadmin @dougfolksy

Don’t feel so bad now its happening to someone else too! I will just be patient and try again later…and again…etc. :laughing:

There was another thread about this recently where @dougfolksy said that the photo file upload limit of 4MB was now being more strictly enforced (I’ve popped a link to it below). Are your photos larger than 4MB? I’ve just had to compress one that was only 3.93MB, as I got the photo error. I’ve never had to compress photos before and it’s a right pain to have to do this extra step! :anguished:

Well all my other photos were uploaded with no trouble. I’ve just been able to upload one more for my new item, but very slow…about 8 errors before it appeared. I will have a look at the link. Thanks

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I had terrible trouble yesterday, and ended up listing two items with just two photos each. I’m just going to see if I can add some more to them.

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I was really struggling too today The ones that wouldn’t load were all over 4MB (apart from one which was 3.93MB). I re-sized the ones I was having trouble with and they then uploaded straight away. I just wish it wasn’t such a faff!!

I’m still having no luck, just getting ‘photo error’. I’m not sure I have the patience to re-size them!

Today I learnt how to compress a photo! Yah!!! And it has let me upload my photos. I have never done this before so thanks for the help I got on here. If life didnt throw up its little problems it would be all so boring…yes well…at least this is sorted for the moment. Will be adding a new item tomorrow…fingers crossed

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Yay!! Glad that worked for you :smile:

@NanaMcPhee @TheCraftingGardener
Hello – I’ve had a scoot through the logs and can see instances where images have had too large a file size. Could you let me know what filesize the images that failed have?
I’m logging any instances where images are too large so we can review them.
It’s interesting that one at 3.93MB failed, @PocketfulCreations – something for me to have a look at.
I can see you having issues in the logs, @plumporridge, and it is image-too-large issues.

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Thanks Doug.

I’m not at the desktop at the moment, so unsure of the file size, don’t normally have an issue, but perhaps it’s close to the limit, I will check tomorrow. Thanks for looking into it.

Hi all, and @dougfolksy
I am having the same issue - cant upload pictures to a new listing, as its a pic from google photos its already compressed to 3 MP which thier auto setting so don’t think that is the issue…unless that’s not the case :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grimacing:.The one i just tried to upload was 569Kb
Any help gratefully received…

I’ve just bumped the limit up to 5MB and enabled better logging so we’ll see if that makes a difference.
@BunnyButtsCrafts, could you try again and let me know how you get on?

Hi - that seems to have done the trick - thank you - veru much appreciated x
You are a star ! :star_struck:


@BunnyButtsCrafts – thank you for testing it!
I’m seeing fewer entity-too-large issues, now, so I’m guessing most of the problems were only just over 4MB.
The ones I’m seeing are for sizes like 8MB, 12MB and even higher. I guess there’s something to investigate, there: I’m guessing these are images from professional cameras that are then directly uploaded without looking at the filesizes.
It could also be made a lot more clear when an upload fails for this reason that the filesize is the issue. That’s something I’ll try to look into very shortly.

Thats great thanks - its good to know someone can help just before you get to hair pulling out stage!!


Thanks to the advice given me, I compressed my pictures and that seemed to do the trick. I never had problems in the past so I thought my photos must be complient with the recommendations but perhaps the new software is being very strict and perhaps I was just on or slightly over the limit. Except for the help given I would have no idea how to reduce the size of my photos, but now I know how to compress them so have learnt something new.

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Thanks Doug, I will try to sort it today. Please can someone point me to the instructions, the link Helen @PocketfulCreations doesn’t work for me (nothing works for me this week… :rofl:.) xxx