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Hair chop for charity

Hi everyone,

I’ve been growing my hair for a couple of years now, and I will soon be getting around 12inches cut off and donated to the Little Princess Trust so it will hopefully go towards making a wig for an unwell child.

I’m trying to raise money as I do this, as although the charity are able to get donated hair wigs for free, there are others that they have to buy and these come at a cost of around £350 per wig.

If you would like to sponsor me and donate to the Little Princess Trust, that would be amazing- please visit my Just Giving page:

Also- any suggestions for a shoulder length hair style would be really appreciated as I’m not sure what to do when it’s all gone!

I too have just had my hair cut off and donated it to the little princess trust. I had about 15inches off and it’s now just at my shoulders. It’s taken a lot of getting use to.
I have had it shaped round my face but the back has a 50s flick if you get what I mean.

I was told don’t get a bob if you are use to long hair
hope any of that helps

I wonder if they would like my other half’s hair? He has a lot of golden blonde locks and I think he needs a haircut…
When I had my pony tail chopped off (admittedly only about 7 inches off) I went for a softer bob but then I’d had a dramatic jaw length bob before I grew it (I’d only grown it to grow out the bit that doctors had shaved and then cover up redness and sensitivity caused by radio therapy). I say leave it up to your hairdresser to pick something that will suit your face shape and hair type - whatever you get it will look strange and feel a bit alien after the long locks. Just remember that it will require less shampoo and other products after its been chopped.


How disgusting that you are using this lady’s generous act to promote your merchandise.