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Help me choose a hair style

(Julia Blakeman) #1

Ok, so I’ve not been on the Forums much this past year so some of you may not know me. When I turned 40 last year I chopped off my long hair for charity, donating my hair and raising over £400 for Little Princess Trust.

I changed hairstyle on the first cut following “the big one” and I’ve had this hairstyle for about 14 months but I feel that I now want to change it and I could do with some opinions on what would suit me.

Opinions required. Do you think I should keep my hair the same as it is now Pic A (a graduated bob,which is short at the back and longer at the front), change style (but not colour!) to either B, C or D, or grow it long again like E, but if I do E it will be so that I can donate it again like in the last photo?

(Lynn Britton) #2

I had my graduated bob for some time and spent a lot of time deliberating on what cut to have as I wanted a change. I eventually decided on a cut like picture C and I’m loving it, makes me feel 10 years younger, and at 63 every little helps.
I think picture D would suit you. Hope you’re happy with whatever you choose.
Lynn x

(Julia Blakeman) #3

Thanks. I like D but I also like C. D is a bit like it is now but just shorter with a few more layers whereas C is quite different. I suppose I could change to D first to see if I like it that short at the front and see how it shows my grey’s as I have thin band of greys running right round my face from ear to ear with there being quite a lot of grey by my ears. I won’t be covering my grey so will just suck it up but I do rather fancy going short enough to get my ears out, if you know what I mean.

(Roz) #4

I had long hair for years but had it all cut off when I reached 50. I had a style similar to yours but found that unless I put effort into drying it properly it just sort of flopped and looked dreadful. About two week ago I went to the hairdresser and said “I hate my hair please do something” I specified I wanted something easy (ie. wash and leave) and that wouldn’t fall in my eyes when working. She came up with something between b and c and I absolutely love it. So easy and looks like I’ve actually got a hairstyle! If you’ve got a hairdresser you trust ask their advice, they are trained to know what would suit what type of hair and face shape.

And now I’m going to be very brave and add a photo!

(Margaret Jackson) #5

I’m a big fan of long hair as I think it looks feminine, but if you don’t want to grow it long again then I think B is the nicest style and would suit you. D looks a bit like it might keep getting in your eyes.

(Stephanie Guy) #6

I’d go for B too. Your hair seems to be straight and fine and therefore will sit quite flat on your head, so C will be hard work to maintain - you’d need lots of product in your hair. Whereas B is designed to sit against your head.

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #7

I’m having the same dilemma!! I have very long, wavy hair and have vowed to chop it once I’ve got 2 stone off!..I like you with long hair and with a plumper face it looks more flattering below the jaw line. I like it as it is so maybe grow it a bit longer and then have it re-styled as a longer style. I feel my long hair is a huge part of my femininity and so it is a big decision. I think you were really brave!

(Julia Blakeman) #8

I think I am settling on D as its kind of a shorter version of what I have now. The pic A was taken last year when I first had it cut and so I do have a few more layers in than the photo shows. I am friends with my hairdresser on Facebook and she has said that C would be a lot of work everyday as my hair is fine.

(Aasiyah Johnson) #9

I like D, looks very elegant, simple and cute too.

(Julia Blakeman) #10

So I am booked in for next Friday morning to have my hair cut like this. I can’t wait!

(Jacqueline Austen) #11

You will look stunning - hope you love it when it is cut. I think you will.

Jacqueline x

(Julia Blakeman) #12

Well today was the big day and I’ve had my hair chopped! There was a lot of hair on the floor!!! It’s going to take some time to get used to it but I am already starting to love it and I think it makes me look a little younger! Click on the photos to see them larger.

Before - these were taken last week

After - these were taken today

(Jacqueline Austen) #13

You look lovely!

Jacqueline x

(Lynn Britton) #14

That’s lovely Julia.

(Julia Blakeman) #15

Thank you.

(Stephanie Guy) #16

Gorgeous! It’s taken years off you and it really suits you.

(Julia Blakeman) #17

Thank you (blushes).

(Themdustyold Viewfinders) #18

Looks lovely. I love before and after photos.

I couldn’t imagine cutting my hair short, I’ve already cut quite a lot off for me, but it’s still at the waist. It’s a mess some days but if the girls in the magazines are allowed to have their hair teased into a ‘messy’ style, I can walk around with my messy hair too. :wink:

(Margaret Jackson) #19

I wouldn’t be me without my long hair, so it’s hard for me to understand why those who have chosen short hair do so. I love being able to have it in lots of different styles. In fact, I often change hair style throughout the day, when I get warm I just put my hair up! :smile: