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Does anyone share my phobia of hairdressers?

(Christine E.) #1

Off to a wedding next weekend- got the posh clothes that make me look like someone else and that I’ll never wear again. Next it’s the Hairdresser :frowning:
I’ve always hated the hairdressers- I can’t make smalltalk, can never decide (or describe) what I want, am often unhappy about the result but don’t like to say. They spend ages on blowdrying when I know that, as soon as I wash it, it will look rubbish,etc. Add to that having to spend an hour staring at my pallid old face in the mirror…and being expected to add a tip to an already exorbitant price…etc, etc…

(Tina Martin) #2

I’m with you, don’t like hairdressers, hate it when someone else has there hands on my hair! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Sasha Garrett) #3

I’ve been using the same hairdresser for many years so he knows how I like it, how my hair behaves and doesn’t take offence if I walk in and say ‘it went a bit shaggy after the last cut’. After all the years he knows not to expect much small talk from me or a tip and that once he has made me look all sleek and glossy the first thing I will do is put my crash hat on it as I cycle.
Maybe if you can’t work out what to do with your hair you should get a posh wedding hat? I have a big brimmed one for all the summer weddings where I’m expected to stand around outside slowly burning to a crisp (or not as the case is thanks to the hat), I’ve worn it to several weddings and no one has noticed that I’m recycling it (other than the other half and he can’t say anything as he wears the same suit to all weddings).

(Suzzie Godfrey) #4

Oh totally agree,
they don’t know me and the relationship I have/ don’t have with my hair and hair brush.
They don’t understand when I say after 52 years, yep that’s her looking back at you in the mirror ‘love’, there is no point blow drying it like YOU want to , because as soon as I go out the door I will look like the wild woman of Borneo,
they NEVER listen when you say I have really tried to tame the frizz… and they try and convince you that the latest gunk will perform miracles.
They cut the body too short and the fringe too long…
oooooh don’t get me started!!
AND like policemen, they are far too young!!!
Needless to say I have a VERY sweet girl called Amy, come to my house, and she is brilliant, will always cut my fringe so I can see out and I get to dry it, perfect solution!
That feels better!
Suzzie x

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #5

I haven’t been to the hair dressers in years. The last time i went as an adult was when I wanted a fringe cut in about 4 years ago- and I could probably have done it myself- I’m happier with the way I maintain my fringe, than the original fringe they gave me. If I went now, I’d get told off for doing everything wrong, they’d probably tell me my hair was a state.
The bit that I hate most is having to sit opposite the mirror, what do you do? Are you supposed to look at yourself, watch them cut your hair, what? I just look at the floor in silence.

(sandranesbitt) #6

same here folks. I have that wild curly look that no one can tame , only me (and tha’ts only on good days).

And I have step daughters wedding to go to this summer so I know I will have to go to hair dressers

oh joy !

(Ruth ) #7

Gosh, I must be the exception the rule. Love going to the hairdressers - it may help that she is a very good friend. I must admit I’m no good at explaining what I would like, but I’m happy for Sarah to do what she thinks is best - that’s trust I suppose. I don’t particularly like having the same style / colour for too long - I like a change. But the best thing is the hour or so relaxing, having a chat & not thinking about work - bliss.

(Julia K Walton) #8

Christine - I am exactly the same. I had finally found a really good hairdresser in Carlisle that I had gone to (reluctantly) a couple of times a year for the last 4 - 5 years, and was devastated to learn that he had been transferred up to the Edinburgh branch :o( Now I’ve got to start all over again. I have been trimming my fringe at home in the meantime =:oO

Julia x


Same here. Luckily there is a cheap option in town, where I only pay £10 and all the hairdresser does is cutting my ends; no washing (I always wash my hair before I go), no blow drying and that’s it! And I dye my hair at home.

(Helen Smith) #10

I’m not sure that many hairdressers get trained in how to cut curly hair? It’s definitely different from straight hair, and I’m sure there are wildly different types of curly too… I find many are really scared by my hair! And no point trying to blow dry it straight, apart from looking really odd it’ll curl back up again at the slightest hint of moisture in the air - basically the minute I boil the kettle for a cuppa!
I’ve only ever found 2 hairdressers who could cope with my hair, the first moved away to open her own salon, and the lovely man I go to now who will surely be retiring in the next few years (although maybe not, he loves his work…) - but if he does retire I don’t know what I’ll do.

(Sarah Eves) #11

I’m so with you on the small talk :slight_smile:

(Christine E.) #12

Well, I’ve just got back. It wasn’t all bad. She was very young and didn’t try to chat with me much, apart from “Got any plans?” She took much longer over the blow drying than the cutting (which didn’t take long at all) and I came out (as soon as possible) looking much the same as before with slightly shorter and puffier hair and short of £55.
I wish I had the confidence in my face to go for the full “Judy Dench”! I suppose that would mean more maintenance but at least I’d know what to ask for!

(Minerva) #13

I have a phobia as well…but a little different to most people. I’m afraid my wonderful hairdresser will stop doing my hair…she might stop working, move to another city or country, go on maternity leave and won’t come back etc. I have warned her that I will track her down and ask her to continue doing my hair!

(Minerva) #14

She might actually have a phobia of me now?!

(Helen Smith) #15

Completely understand that, I was distraught when my first one moved away!


I hate having my hair washed and just refuse to have it done, which limits me to supercuts hair salons. But there is a lovely girl who works in our local one who understands the hair washing thing and lets me go in with my hair freshly washed (I don’t mind doing it myself) and she cuts the bits I want cutting weather she thinks it’ll stick up or not :slight_smile: I have so many cowlicks that I’ve just learned to work around them rather than spending a fortune trying to stop them sticking up :grinning: Saying that I haven’t been to have it cut since before christmas and am starting to look like a crazy old witch it’s sticking out in so many directions, and have taken to scaring young children hehehe :grimacing:

(Christine E.) #17

Has anyone tried Supercuts? Perhaps that’s the way to go for me next time…

(Sally Eira) #18

yes ! i only go about once every 3 years or so and snip away in the bathroom now and then :-/

i hate looking at my reflection and seeing & hearing myself talk rubbish. it’s all just really awkward.

(Jan Ryan) #19

I haven’t been to a hairdressers for years, the last couple of times I went were about 15 years ago, I had a perm and part of it didn’t take and had to be redone a week later :confused: I had my hair coloured and it was so dark, almost black and blocky I had to go back to have the dye removed and redone which made my hair so dry and brittle.
I now cut it and colour it myself at home. I get hubby to check the back and snit off any stray wisps. :slight_smile:

(Christine Shephard) #20

Me too, although for years I used to go regularly to a lovely chap who knew my hair well, was excellent with the scissors, didn’t expect small talk and told me when special offers were coming up so I could save some money! That all stopped when I moved too far away to keep going to him, and after 15 years I still haven’t found a good replacement.
I too have curly, wavy hair that likes to do its own thing. I live on the coast so it’s constantly windy and impossible to have any hairstyle except very short or long and tied up. I’ve chosen the long option, as it doesn’t need as much cutting and I often do it myself now. I dye it myself too, and hack at the fringe whenever I can’t see out :slight_smile: