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So...I donated my hair to charity today

Sort of felt like I should have put this under the ‘showcase’ section as I’m so proud of myself. Hahaha

So- I decided to donate my hair to the Little Princess Trust. They make wigs for little girls who’ve lost their hair due to chemotherapy. And well- I had plenty hair! I’m not one for giving money to cancer charities- I’m more of an environment/animal sort of person. But I have always loved my hair- and can’t imagine being a little girl who on top of having cancer loses her hair. Thought I’d share my before and after photo- it was quite dramatic for me- I know that sounds stupid! But I’ve only ever had long hair. 6 months ago I would have been mortified at the idea- but I’ve been through a lot over the past year and have clearly decided that my hair isn’t the be all and end all!! Haha (my husband didn’t take the idea of the whole thing as I did!!)


After the deed!

And properly after!

(Apologies- I’m really not a selfie fan- in fact- I think this is the only selfie I’ve ever taken!!) haha

Anyone else had a scary but fun Saturday?


Well done on your donation and your new hair looks lovely. I once went from bum length hair to a crop - I bet your head feels very light!

Well done Susannah. My hair is about the same length as yours and I’m not sure I could get that much cut off in one go. I bet you’ll feel the cold more in the next few weeks. Your new style is lovely. :smiley:

Aaah that’s scary!! Haha I didn’t want to go that short- I think it just looks and feels shorter at the moment because of the curls.

It feels like a total weight off- in many ways! Haha it was very scary though!! Thank you! :blush:

Haha thank you. I have honestly been psyching myself up for it for about 6 months!! I have been constantly looking at short hair photos on Pinterest just to sort of convince myself I wouldn’t hate it! Haha

Wow…speechless, such a beautiful sacrifice, such an unselfish act. I know whichever little girl gets your locks will be so grateful. An inspiration to us all.
Suzzie x

Awww that’s a lovely thing to say. Thank you :blush::blush: Will get my plait in the post on Monday morning. Hehe

A Very beautiful thing to do, Your new style looks great and really suits you x

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What a lovely thing to do and so brave. Your new look is really great by the way, really suits you :smile:

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Well done, what a brilliant idea and new hair style is super. xx

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Hee, hee, when I pressed ‘reply’, and the page went back to forum, the next listing, under yours…i donated my hair… Was, gifts for girls!
Suzzie x


Well done, what a great thing to do, your new hairstyle looks great. When I went from longhair to shorter hair it was a weird feeling when I was brushing it and there was nothing there. I’m sure you’ll soon get used to it. I find shoulder length is easier to do in lots of different styles too. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all the lovely comments guys!!! :blush: really happy I did it!! My good deed for the month!!
I’ve decided I’d like to do at least one good deed a month this year- something that requires effort on my part! Not going to plan ahead though- will see what happens as the year goes on. But that’s my plan! Haha

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That’s funny!! Haha

Wow!! What an amazing thing to do. Good on you. The new hair-do looks lovely.

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That’s fab my friend is going to do this such a great thing to do.

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Well done for taking the plunge and love the finished style. It was a lovely thing to donate your hair.

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That is such a special thing to do? Your new hair style looks lovely :two_hearts:

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That was such a lovely thing to do, well done you! A wonderful cause.
And your new style is fabulous too.
Everyone’s a winner!

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What a lovely thing to do. I had my hair cut off in October , I don’t think it was long enough to donate though, or anywhere near as beautiful as yours!

I’ve been carting buckets of knocked down wall and chucking them into a skip- curses to you Kirstie Allsopp !!

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