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Halloween decorations your not selling

I made theis witch for my niece and nephew to see when they come back from school…honest, its not for me.
Some people just happen to have a witches hat, skull and black bin bags to hand. Im in my 40’s y’know!!!


Ha Ha that looks great, the kids will love it, it’s surprising what we crafters have laying around!! :jack_o_lantern::spider::zombie::jack_o_lantern:
I haven’t done any for the home this year, I only do something if my grandson is over. I carved a pumpkin with him during the week, my house will be on lockdown tonight, lights off so no visitors. x

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A massive bonus of having grown up children that have flown the nest and moving to a house in the middle of nowhere … no more pumpkin carving and hiding behind the sofa with the lights out to avoid the trick or treaters! I’m not really a killjoy but it used to drive me mad as every time the door knocked the dogs would go mental and 90% of the time it was teenagers who hadn’t really made much effort but were just after a bag of free sweets :slight_smile:

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I’m not too bad here, if the lights are out and there are no decorations or pumpkins on display they don’t knock x

I used to love going out with mine and another friends children, and yes, we all made an effort to look very scary. However, they have grown up now and I miss it in a way, it was a good evening walk, and took us to areas that we wouldn’t normally venture out to.People used to make a real effort to decorate their houses and drives and join in the spirit. We were careful about whose doors we knocked on too… They came back with a massive haul of sweets, enough to last until Christmas! I’m not sure they ever did though. This year I have bought a pumpkin and grown gourds but because we live on a main road people rarely bother us, otherwise I would share.


Love it, I used to love going round with the kids, we only used to visit houses with pumpkins outside or Halloween decorations, it was great fun. Used to have really good grown up Halloween parties too but nothing the last couple of years, maybe next year. :slight_smile:

I’ve been in lock down too tonight. I felt abit like Victor Meldrew but I had to put my little dog first.
He totally freaks out when someone knocks at the front door and I was dreading Halloween night to be honest.

I turned off all the lights at the front of the house and snuggled down with him in the back living room.

Wasn’t too bad. Only had a few knocks. I think people are tending to be drawn to the lit up houses with a warm Halloween welcome.

Karen x