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Halloween - good or bad for Folksy sellers?

It’s Halloween on Saturday and we’re interested in your experiences of Halloween as sellers. How does Halloween work for your business? Have you tried making Halloween products - how have they sold?

Is it worth selling Halloween themed products or do you think people go for cheap decor and products on the high street, so it’s not worth the effort?

Are there more effective ways to make the most of Halloween, like creating and sharing tutorials or creating Halloween-themed Pinterest boards? Can those drive more traffic to your shop? Or is there a niche for top-end handmade costumes and accessories, maybe?

What’s worked for you?

I have made a few halloween themed items in the past but never really sold any so haven’t bothered this year. Its such a flash in the pan that I’m not sure there is really much of a market for it especially as things can be obtained so cheaply on the high street. I probably wouldn’t buy anything specifically for halloween and I expect there are many others like me.


I personally don’t do Halloween so don’t get my business involved in it in any way either.
I’ve also noticed there’s less of it around over the past few years. Big in the USA but on the decline in the UK. The huge mega Tesco store where I live have only just put out some pumpkins for sale, they have no Halloween fancy dress and only a stand for Halloween sweets. They used to stock loads in past years but I’ve noticed over the last 5 years they stock less and less Halloween items.

None of the other shops have any Halloween displays either.
It might just be were I live.


No I don’t make anything for Halloween either. I don’t really like it so I don’t think I could really get creative about it.


I make Halloween items. But I only sold one pair of Halloween earrings. I may not bother next year

No, it’s not something I support or particularly enjoy either. It’s mostly for kids I think, and parents here seem to either keep & re-use outfits etc from previous years or buy cheap throwaway ones. I don’t think it will ever become as big and commercial over here as it is in the US.

I actually don’t make many seasonal/themed items anyway - they have a limited shelf life and then I have to store any unsold ones until next year, so I’d rather not bother.

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Like Eileen, I have nothing to do with Hallowe’en and bin all marketing emails I receive that have a Hallowe’en theme (many being totally irrelevant to the company/topic/product!). I don’t like the way so many companies get on the ‘calendar marketing’ bandwagon, whatever industry they are in; for example, using Valentines Day, Mothers Day or H to sell items such as office products, tools… Fortunately, some of these events are appropriate for us here on Folksy :smile:

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I am not interested in Hallowe’en either so I don’t make anything for it. I would rather concentrate on my Christmas stuff.


I wasn’t going to paint anything Halloween related this year but then hubs grew some super cute teeny tiny squashes so it would have been rude not to - I used them in my lifestyle photos. Also I’m rather addicted to watching flames so Halloween/Bonfire night is a perfect time to paint them :slight_smile:

I haven’t sold any yet, and don’t really expect to either, but they’re fun to do and must help with marketing of my shop in general.

I made Halloween invites & cards. Didn’t sell any invites but to my surprise I sold all six of my cards. Wasn’t really sure if people sent Halloween cards, I guess they do! I will be listed more next year. :slight_smile:


I never bother with Hallowe’en stuff - I think most people want the cheap and cheerful stuff from high street shops.

I do enjoy seeing the Hallowe’en makes here on Folksy though :slight_smile:


I get really excited about what to make for Halloween every year, but to date I have only ever sold 1 item. Don’t think I’ll bother next year.

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A few years back I made 2 spooky bottles(which were a cobolt blue, like Victorian times) and they both sold.
I don’t tend to make things now. I think the bottle idea would put people off with the price of postage now. I only have a skull necklace on offer and Im happy to wear that kind of thing all year round.

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just to buck the trend: i made quite a few halloween themed bits and pieces this year - aceos, painted rocks etc - and they all sold really well! had a great response to it all over on my facebook page, too. i tend to do creepy cute things and zombies etc all year round though, so, i have built up a lot of customers who are into that kind of thing i guess. xx


hehe you got in first @littleblackheart

i was going to say similar - my customer base like the wierd, cute 'n creepy, so although i sell my zombies all year round, i usually have my best month for sales in october(s)

(except for this year. which i hope is just because i haven’t been making / selling for the last 10 months)


I’ve made a few products for Halloween and Bonfire Night and they have been quite popular…both on Folksy and at craft fairs I have been to.

Both my Pumpkin Apple Butter wax melts and Toasted Marshmallow wax melts have sold out and I have had to make more to replenish my stock :blush:

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Really dislike Halloween, second only to Bonfire Night. Don’t celebrate either, would not cross my mind to make anything for it.


Wow, I LOVE Halloween. I make hanging hand painted decorations, pumpkins, ghost, castle etc, hand painted scenes on plaques, candles, boxes all sorts. On my stall they sell like the clappers and I have 2 local shops that also sell some of them. I have a stall at a weekly market and every year at the one closest to Halloween all the stall holders dress up and dress up their stalls, it is quite an event and the customers love it. I have done commissions for bat clocks and the shops here (isle of Wight) have loads of Halloween things and not all cheap stuff! My room is covered with years of halloween collectables from china ornaments to black sparkly tinsel. I have had some Halloween in my Folksy shop but so far have only sold 1 candle. I for one will be sitting up on Saturday night in my witches hat with my sparkly black and pink spider gloves surrounded by pumpkins and watching the scariest movie I can find. (I suspect chocolate my also be involved.) You don’t know what you are missing out on!! Happy Halloween!!


And little black heart, I LOVE your zombie pumpkin!!

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In the past I’ve sold several pairs of primitive witches boots and also a spooky mouse in a matchbox witch’s ‘familiar’. This year because of personal circumstances I haven’t been able to make anything like it but I do enjoy making them.