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Are buyers holding out for Black Friday?

(Christine E.) #1

I had a good September and October but my sales for November have been disappointingly slow. I was wondering if potential buyers are now holding back in the hope of getting a bargain on Black Friday- obviously other sellers on Folksy are well aware of it and some of them are potential buyers, but also I’m wondering if buyers signed up to Folksy are aware of it and holding back. What do others think?

(Christine Shephard) #2

Sales on here are slow for me, but I’m doing ok on the other site (where there is no BF promotion), and at craft fairs too. Last year November was far and away my best month of the year, so I’m hoping to repeat that this year.

If buyers are aware of the upcoming promotion, they may well be waiting - well, I would anyway! :smile:

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #3

I think it’s possible, but it’s also likely that many people have realised November is the last pay day before Christmas (not for everyone, I know, but for many) and they are starting to think carefully before spending. Also, it’s mid months at the moment, which is always slower - next week will see a surge in sales, I reckon. Beginning of the month we’d had Hallowe’en, Fireworks night etc all coming after half term, which also eats up peoples spare money.

Although I have to admit it’s not been particularly slow for me, which is great, until you I look at my Folksy bill for the month already - I dread to think what it’ll be by the end of the month LOL

(Roz) #4

Its been steady for me this month too but not outstanding although I did pay for a little promotion on my “Shop Now” button on FB last weekend which I think may have brought a few customers in.

(Sarah Lambert) #5

I’m not sure but I’ve done much more buying (and swapping!) than selling on Folksy this year. I’ve received fantastic items from everyone and I’m very happy.

There’s such a great choice on here these days :slight_smile:

(Melanie Commins) #6

It’s hard to say. Folksy is generally slower for me because I don’t promote my shop here and it seems it really is a must these days …

I’m screamingly busy elsewhere though, so much so that I’ve just had to put my Folksy shop on holiday because I’ve pretty much reached my production/sanity capacity. So if I was just going on that then I’d say no, people aren’t holding out. But the majority of those orders are for overseas so it’s possible that UK shoppers are just waiting for the last payday to shop since, as long as they’re buying ready to ship items, the postage time won’t effect their chance of getting their goodies in time for Christmas.

I know I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet but it’s got nothing to do with BF … I just haven’t had the time. But when I do I will probably do some of it here on Folksy! :smile:

(Christine E.) #7

I keep hearing that people are doing better on other sites than Folksy- I wish it was true for me! As it is I’m just relying on my shop here and it’s pretty stagnant. I’m wondering if I might be losing sales at the moment because people are anticipating big savings on Black Friday (and I still can’t make up my mind whether to do it!)…