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Handmade and supplies in the same shop? Would you buy?

(Leathermeister) #1

Hi everyone.
I was wondering if I can sell handmade items and supplies in the same shop.
I make leather belts and bags and want to sell small leather blanks for example leather shapes that can be made into Christmas tree decorations, key rings or more imaginative items by others on Folksy.
Would you buy these items?
Should I bag them in 5’s, 10’s or more?
Could I was also sell small bags (10’s) of rivits, eyelets, buckles these are commercial supplies from the same shop.

I look forward to your replies with interest.

(Shirley Woosey) #2

Hi Hazel,
Quite a few shops on Folksy sell supplies as well as handmade items.
You can set up different Sections in your shop for separating out the different products you sell.

Go to your shop dashboard.
On the left hand side underneath Shop Settings there is a heading called "Collections"
You can create different Sections here for different sorts of products.

When you have made your Collections, go back to Shop Settings and go into the heading called ShopKeeping.
This will have a list of all the different items in your shop.
You can then put them into different collections.

Not sure about quantities - have a look to see what other supply shops do.

Good luck.
Shirley x

(Leathermeister) #3

@WhimsyWooDesigns thanks for the advise I’ll store this information as to how to and when I am ready will add them .

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

I sell both handmade and supplies and I just use the ‘Collection’ bit.

I see Collections as departments in a large Department Store.

(Leathermeister) #5

Thanks @EileensCraftStudio
I’ll do that.

(Pauline Hayward) #6

I do the same as @EileensCraftStudio and just keep them in a supplies section in my shop.


(Leathermeister) #7

Thanks @PaulinesCrafts thanks for responding I will be adding my supplies shortly.

(Natalie Scollay) #8

Hi there; yes I would be very interested in buying your leather supplies.
Would you also be able to sell bigger blanks? for making things like book covers and small bags; things like that… I have been looking for a good supplier for this type of thing for some time;
also the rivits etc would be very good…
Kind regards Natalie @Adornmentstudio :smile:

(Leathermeister) #9

Thanks for the response @Adornmentstudio a few more questions if you don’t mind.
What thickness of leather would you want for your book covers size is not a problem (as long as its not bigger than a cow) Same with your bags we mostly deal in natural coloured veg tan European which we think is the best quality we have it in 3-3.5mm and can source it 2 -2.5m and 1 -1.5mm we can cut what ever size you want.
For your interest we can produce embossing plates from your designs which are ideal for a small press.
We can also offer larger plates pre embossed onto blanks as we have a 15ton commercial press.
We also have the facility to laser engrave the above leather from your designs should this be of any use to you.
I have not yet worked out prices etc so if you let me know what you would like I will be happy to come back to you. If you need any other assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.
Look forward to working with you Hazel